Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Linkety Link - abstracts

Old hat, but every once in a while I re-notice Abstract Strategy Games, which has a really large list of games, including rules to many of them. Which makes the GIPF guys all the more impressive for coming out with six unique games that are actually good.

Lots of great stuff for the abstract math Geeks at Combinational Game Theory, including papers by John Conway, Richard Guy, and others who literally wrote the books on math and games. A treasure trove of fun.

And continuing in an abstract theme, the entire bible as done in Lego, at The Brick Testament.



Unknown said...

I didn't truly appreciate the brilliance of the GIPF series until my buddy started showing up with all kinds of abstracts from thrift stores. They were all built on one "trick" and sure, you could possibly play them and discover some depth, but they sure didn't call out to me like the GIPF series does.

What's your favourite GIPF game?

Yehuda Berlinger said...

I've played Yinsh and Dvonn, and I like them both. Yinsh is definitely easier for most people to get into, but harder to control. I think I like Dvonn marginally better.

I traded for Gipf and it is on the way.


iguanaDitty said...

After playing lots of Yinsh in several consecutive days and then playing lots of Dvonn in several consecutive days I find myself preferring Yinsh. Dvonn tends to feel the same after a while, whereas with Yinsh I feel like each game is more variable.

I find Gipf a little monotonous by itself, although quite deep. With potentials it's probably my favorite abstract.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Alex- that's good to hear, because Gipf is on its way to me after having traded geekgold for it.