Monday, May 01, 2006

Stupid patent for a board game

Patents and board games: two of my favorite subjects. If it was an Israeli board game, I would have hit the jackpot.

Via DaddyTypes comes a link to another board game that actually has a patent. The game is "Who's Having this Baby Anyway?" (which, if I recall correctly, I actually added to the BGG database about a year ago), and the patent is for a board game "which educates and entertains expectant parents, family members, friends, health care providers, and players about pregnancy, labor, and childbirth."

The patent claims that there is no prior art for this. Never mind the fact that the patent idea is simply an idea: a board game about pregnancy. Wooo. Big original, non-obvious, complex idea there. The game itself is a simple roll, move, draw a card game.

In other news, there is a national competition for toy and game designing, including board games, called Toy Challenge. It is in two parts, one of which just finished in San Diego, and the other of which is on May 6 in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. It is for 5th - 8th graders.

And Endless Games introduces Your Best Life Now, the evangelical Christian boardgame. Thanks for being better than this, Tom. (via Thinklings)


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Juan Pablo said...

I Agree. Why patent something so general like a prenancy boardgame. I think that the patents are for very specifics things, for non-commun ideas. That boardgame patent seems very easy for me.

By the way, i came here because i'm looking for some pregancy boardgames strategy for a school project, if you know something, can u tell me, i hope so! Bye.