Monday, May 15, 2006

Linkety Link: "Google news Edit-Me Edit-Me"

The phrase in the subject probably looks familiar to many of you. It is the default set of three links on the sidebar of any newly created Blogger blog with a default template.

Searching for this phrase on Google, Blogger's parent, yields 673 results. On Yahoo it's 8,700, a tenfold increase. On MSN it is 19,533,985, an additional 2,000-fold increase.

Gosh. What does this mean? Is Google too embarrassed to show these results? Or is MSN just stupid? Or both? Just how many Blogger blog sites have been created by incompetent people, lazy people, or spammers?

Meanwhile, Susan Sarandon has joined forces with Cindy Sheehan to protest the war in Iraq by sending the board game Risk to Laura Bush. Which makes sen... some se... a little s... um, I don't get it. (It might be this edition.)


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