Sunday, May 07, 2006


When will we finally rid ourselves of the board game that creates insipid minds, teaches nothing other than how to fight, cry, and take your turn, and starts children on the road to obesity and tooth decay? Not so long as we have a Candyland jumper for your baby.

Yet even the mainstream press is starting to revolt (the last is a mainstream blogger).

Here's a few somethings a little more interesting:

Mathematical analysis of Candyland

Murder in Candyland, tongue-in-cheek noir fiction.

In other news, Eric Raymond, open source wizard, has gotten into Eurogaming.


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Unknown said...

Regarding Eric S. Raymond, he's a self-absorbed loudmouth that once wrote fetchmail and hasn't done anything approaching useful since then.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Well, I don't know if either "self-absorbed" or "loudmouth" would be considered insults.

However, I loved the Hackers Dictionary, I appreciated the Cathedral and the Bazaar, and I sport the Hacker emblem on my site. He also was involved in emacs development, and wrote a number of cute parodies.

His politics are libertarian, so that's what he writes about.


Unknown said...

Any credit he had with me was lost when he wrote this. It was incredibly immature. Considering it was a broadcast letter, he didn't even have a cause to write it.