Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Linkety Link

My most recent trip to the local game store revealed one oddity: an edition of Monopoly (sorry to keep bring up that game, but there you go) that includes no money.

Instead, each player gets a credit card. The game also includes a double sided credit card reader. When you need to add, subtract, or trade money, you stick one or both credit cards into the machine and make the adjustment. Psyche. That could be useful for many games. Of course, pencil and paper might be just as quick.

How do you know how much money you have at any give time? Do you have to keep scanning your card in the machine?

Link: A news video from 1979 about a new game come to light called Trivial Pursuit. It's worth seeing just to see the stupid hair that guys wore in the 70's.

Link: Timeless Toys once did a look at how the cover to the board game Clue has evolved over the years. From their site, I also found the site for the Association of Game and Puzzle Collectors. From their site, they link to a number of interesting sites on board games, like this one that has hundreds of pictures of old board games.

Link: Creating Passionate Users pontificates on the results if Microsoft had designed Sudoku.

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gnome said...

Great! Thanks a bynch... MS Sudoku. Ho, ho....