Sunday, November 25, 2007

As Long As We're Linking 26

My continuing series of newly discovered game blogs. These are blogs that have general interest to all readers (not simply a company's product listings), and are updated with at least some frequency.

An additional criteria I am introducing is that they have to have already posted more than one or two introductory posts. A lot of blogs never get past those first two posts. There are two or three blogs I'm watching in this category.

Blogs which no longer post about games, or which don't post anything for over three months, and don't say why, tend to get dropped from my blog roll. (Where did you go, Alfred?)

Adam - Adam, Austin, TX.

Applied Game Design - Brenda Brathwaite, Savannah, GA.

Dave Ex Machina Dave Lartigue, Springfield, MA. Also writes for Hardcore Ludography.

GamerChris - Chris Norwood, Graham, NC.

Grownupgamer - Mr Falcon, Houston, TX.

Karl Gallagher - Saginaw, TX.

Life is for Living, right? - Stephanie K., Los Angeles, CA.

Lifebox - Mark Majcher, Austin, TX.

musings - by currypot - Gary, Singapore.

Norwich Board Gamers - Group club blog in Norwich, UK.

Still Unpunched - Oliver Harrison, Calgary, ALberta, CA.

The Mine Shaft Gap - Paul Mackie, Sydney, Australia.

ubarose - Uba(?) Rose, New England. Red hair. AT fan. Also writes for F:AT.

Wheat Chit and Die - Chris Palermo, Ronkonkoma, NY. Formerly wrote the LIBO newsletter.

YABARGO - Isaac Bickerstaff, Taylors, SC.




Archilles said...

FYI, Adam lives in Seattle now...

Yehuda said...

Thanks, archilles.