Monday, November 19, 2007

Upcoming: A Backlog of Posts

I have many board game news items to catch you up on since I left for BGG.con. I'd also like to tell you about what happened at Chi-Tag in Chicago, and my latest list of new board game blogs.

I also have some pics of BGG.con, although my camera went out about halfway through. And I want to post a summary.

You'll have to wait. I have extra work to do today and tomorrow, and then I fly back to Israel. I may not get to any of these until Friday.

REMINDER: If you want to promote your site here, I'm running a giveaway game/contest at the end of this month with over $100 worth of prizes and cash. If you want some promotion from me and good will going into the holiday season, I welcome contributions of prizes to give out to my readers. Email me with offers or for details.

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