Monday, November 19, 2007

Upcoming: A Backlog of Posts

I have many board game news items to catch you up on since I left for BGG.con. I'd also like to tell you about what happened at Chi-Tag in Chicago, and my latest list of new board game blogs.

I also have some pics of BGG.con, although my camera went out about halfway through. And I want to post a summary.

You'll have to wait. I have extra work to do today and tomorrow, and then I fly back to Israel. I may not get to any of these until Friday.

REMINDER: If you want to promote your site here, I'm running a giveaway game/contest at the end of this month with over $100 worth of prizes and cash. If you want some promotion from me and good will going into the holiday season, I welcome contributions of prizes to give out to my readers. Email me with offers or for details.



hibikir said...

June(Ludocrazy), Eva(deitass) and I were the other 3 players in that Oh Hell game.

How did the game of Hamburglum flow? In my game, We saw people sending offerings to all kinds of different churches to maximize the vps of the card they took. This made all the churches be finished at about the same time. In another game, however, I saw almost every church be build in one shot.

Which style do you expect will become the norm?

Yehuda said...

Hi, hibkir?

In our game, one church was built early, and the rest took up the last third of the game after all other strategic opportunities were already finished.

I suspect that the game will continue to flow in either of the two paths you mentioned each time you play. depending on the whim of the participants.

I don't find anything overwhelmingly compelling about the game, however.