Thursday, November 08, 2007

Gamasutra on Essen

One of electronic games' biggest magazines, Gamasutra, does a four page spread on Essen, courtesy of Ward Batty, a board game veteran. Essen is the world's largest board game fair which took place in October.

Boardgame Beast is a site aiming to be a user friendly-guide to board games (including Euros), with one review per game, and a focused list of strategy articles.

Grand Central is an upcoming rail system in Britain aiming to compete with British Rail. One of its features is board games built in to the train's tables.

The Mrs Beeton board game is a trivia game where you see if you could survive as a Victorian English housewife.

And another card game robbery, this time without a killing. Couldn't have hurt too badly to be the losing player in that game.


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