Thursday, November 08, 2007

Session Report, in which Amun Re takes three hours, as usual

The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up. Games played: Amun Re, Bridge.

It's a short report.

Who, Me?

I actually won something. Geeks Are Sexy ran a blogging contest where you submit a "How To" post, and then six random people who submitted get some nice prizes. I won second prize, which includes:

- A $150 Gift Certificate from
- Six Months of high placement in a category on Blog Catalog.
- One year subscription to PMetrics, a blog statistics service.
- A 1GB Minibot USB key from Mimoco.

Aren't those USB keys cute? I chose the Darth Vader one. I already have a 1GB USB key, but it's so cute! It makes Darth Vader sounds when you plug it in and has some other stuff preloaded.

I have lots to tell you about Toronto, but it will have to wait. Back to work!


1 comment:

MDK said...

Congrats on winning, Yehuda! I'm currently looking for a job... I'm glad to know what worked for you.

I also look forward to you schooling me at Bridge during the Con. :)