Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Off to Dallas and BGG.con

I'm heading out early tomorrow morning to Dallas, where I will play at Dallas gamers, at the Westin hotel lobby, and then at BGG.con .

I will be staying with a friend Tuesday night and over shabbat, at least. If kind souls offer me a place to crash in the hotel on Wed, Thurs, or Sat nights, I might take them up on it, if it isn't too much more expensive than the fare back and forth to central Dallas.

And if any of you gamers get a little bored of the scene on Sat afternoon and want to head out over to central Dallas for some games in a quieter setting, you're more than welcome. I'll send you the address I'll be staying at. I made this offer last year and no one picked it up, but I'd thought I'd offer anyway, just in case.

I'm bringing a copy of It's Alive, the games I've arranged to trade in the math trade, and the ones that didn't, just in case. And a deck of cards for the airplane, just in case.

My time at the con will be split between managing PiratenHandler, which should be the occasional interrupt to accept a submitted set and a few hours on Saturday night when I need to count the results, and just gaming. I think I may be slotted to play a few games at specific times, but I'm not too sure.

I'm looking forward to meeting all the people I've already met before, all the people whose names I know but have never met, and everyone else, too.


Game News

A great article about a Baltimore game club and their members who span the generations.

Most people playing video games are still playing board or card games.

DateDire waxes euphoric about board games and how to choose them.

F-email is the latest to attack sexism in all types of games. Strangely, the example board games she chose are from the sixties, while the examples from the other games she chose are all current.


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