Tuesday, November 20, 2007

BGG.con 6 - Photos

My batteries ran out Thursday night, and I didn't bother to get them replaced. Here are pics of the first part of the con.

How did that get in there? This is yet another pink game for the ladies. I found it in Half Priced books, and it's still there, as far as I know.

The game library.

Vickie and co cutting up the name badges. A few moments later I was cutting up the pirate game badges.

Boxes and boxes of prizes and vendor graft.

Stuffing the bags. That's Derk in the middle back.

Chad Ellis of Your Move Games takes a break from teaching a prototype in the hotel lobby.

Friedemann Friese and Scott Alden.

The guys from Fantasy Flight Games.

Setting up Heroscape. I think more time was spent setting up than was spent playing.

Friedemann teaching Felix to his first group. Friedemann laughed after every round, regardless of whether the winner of the round got garbage or a gold mine of cards.

Jay Tummelson of Rio Grande teaching us Utopia.

The giveaways to every attendee.

People lining up on Thursday morning to be the first to pick from that pile.

Game hall in swing on Thursday.

Chris Brooks and Jim Ginn (on right) playing Hamburgum.

Greg Schloesser (facing) gets taught Geominos by the designers. I never actually got to play with Greg.


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