Friday, November 02, 2007

October Gaming at the JSGC

The following games were played at the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club during October.

Blokus Trigon - I didn't play this, but I now have a copy. I understand that it's at least as good as the original, and also plays well with three.

Bridge x 3 - Our group seems to be growing ever fonder of this game as time goes on.

Cleopatra and the Society of Architects - This standard game with weird plastic pieces was good enough on first playing.

Colossal Arena - We tried this one out again and with the correct rules this time. While not bad, it doesn't really thrill us.

Havoc - Not played too often, it's still a nice filler card game which is better than it has a right to be.

It's Alive x 2 - Another filler played often enough.

Magic: the Gathering x 3 - Still a great game. David and I like to Rochester drat from random cards whenever we can.

Pirate's Cove x 2 - I didn't play either time. I hear that it's a fun game, even if it has too much dice rolling.

Power Grid x 2 - Seems to be the game of choice played nearly every week. New maps are just going to bring it back tot he table even more often. Very mathematical.

Power Grid: France and Italy - Our group's first play on a new map was fun.

Princes of Florence - Another classic.

Puerto Rico - The Game.

San Juan x 2 - Used as a filler game while waiting for others to show up. Not taken too seriously, though.


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