Monday, November 26, 2007

Chitag 2007

I didn't attend the Chicago Toy and Game Fair as it happened on the same weekend as BGG.con . Some people who did:

Matthew Forbeck was a panelist and discusses meeting inventors and publishers.

Scott Tepper ran the Rio Grande Games booth, talks about introducing the masses to better games, and provides some pictures.

Mums the Wurd appears to be one of the masses.

The Playmakers were there. was there in all its Star Wars glory.

Chitag was primarily organized by Mary Couzin of Discover Games.

In other news, here's a gorgeous looking hand-made sarcastic game about relationships.

And a game by kids about beating bullies.

The Sunday Herald writes that board games are "enjoying a revival", which doesn't win the prize. I'm looking out for the article with the exact phrase "making a comeback", which I've see every year for the past ten years.


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