Sunday, January 11, 2009


My daughter dragged me out to audition for a play (set of plays) this evening. I haven't been in, or tried out for, a play since 7th or 8th grade.

I didn't bring my own monologue to perform, so I had to pick one up and learn it on the spot. The one that was available was a compilation of extracts from "Adam's diary" by Mark Twain. It sure is hard to act a piece when you just got hold of it and have to keep referring to it every sentence while on stage.

At least I had an hour to learn it. Harder was when they gave me something else to try after I had done my monologue, which required acting out while reading it for the first time.

The first one I think I overacted a tad, the second one I probably underacted. Ah well. I enjoyed it without getting too nervous or breaking out in to many silly grins, as I am wont to do in front of audiences. Which is what happened when I used to read at the Jerusalem poetry slam.


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Gameguy said...

Doing a cold read at an audition can be really challenging, but it sounds like you were aware of the danger of never moving past the text. I imagine you were great!