Saturday, January 10, 2009

Recent Gaming

Card games: games of Gin Rummy and Oh Hell with Tal. I was winning the Gin game when we switched to Oh Hell. Tal then beat me soundly.

PitchCar: Friday night after dinner we played an eight-person game of this at Nadine's. Among the players were older friends of ours who generally do not play games (they might sometimes play Chess with their grandkids, that sort of thing), their granddaughter (aged 18 or so), Avraham from the game club and his wife.

8 player PitchCar is quite a lot more crowded than 5 player is. While some of the people tended to remain in front, and others in the back, the game was fun, tense, and enjoyed by all.

I was the front runner for two and a half turns, and then my car kept jumping the track. That allowed two others to pass me. Avraham was fairly close to the back for half the game, but he then caught up to the middle of the pack.

Nice to have a simple game for 8 players where everyone has a chance and there's little downtime.

Puerto Rico: Nadine, Rachel and I played a game at the end of shabbat. We used my usual alternate buildings.

Unlike many of our recent games, corn was readily available. Nadine took an early coffee building at my recommendation and didn't seem to recover after that, even though she traded coffee twice. I'm guessing it's because she didn't get either Factory or Large Business, though she did get Discretionary Hold which seemed to serve her well.

Rachel had the Factory and ended with two large buildings. She ended with 56 points. I had an early Large Business and coffee in front of Nadine. I never traded it, but I shipped it. I also had a Small Warehouse and two quarries (very unusual for me). The early Large Business netted me 32 shipping points, and I ended with 59 points total.

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