Monday, January 26, 2009

Four Games On Their Way

Thanks to Patrick Korner, copies of Moot and Pit should be on their way to my wife's father's house in Toronto.

And thanks to Mischa, copies of Dominion and Taluva should be on their way from Le Valet*. I would have ordered them from Star Citadel, but Dominion wasn't in stock :-( .

* Le Valet called to say that they didn't have Dominion in stock, so I canceled the order from them. I ordered Dominion, Taluva, and Fairy Tale from German Boardgames instead. Prices weren't quite as good, but still a bit cheaper than ordering from the States.

I played Fairy Tale at one of the BGG cons and kind of liked it, but I only played it two player and without the special cards. I think it deserves a chance multi player. The problem is the blind card play. It would be great to find a way around that, as it's not my favorite mechanic.


The Reish Galuta of the Geula said...

I really want to try out Dominion at some point... though I'll probably just end up buying it blind this summer like I do everything else.

Mischa said...

Sorry it didn't work out, but glad you're getting the game. I've had success with Le Valet in the past.

Also, there's files on BGG to make up your own copy using poker chips, if you want to try before you buy.