Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Moment of Politics

I guess I must, briefly, ...

For hundreds of posts on the current Gaza war, you can check out Jack's roundup posts.

If you want to read just one post as to what's really going on, read this (part 1).

Honestly, I experience no surprise that the entire world and its media can do nothing but worry about faked pictures, false news, and one-sided human tragedy stories as they come out of Gaza, all the while having ignored three years of rockets, shooting, bombings, and daily human tragedies endured on the Israeli side.

I find it bewildering that so many pro-Israeli bloggers are surprised by this, however. When did they think the world changed? Or grew memory cells? Or gained perspective?

That is all. Back to gaming.


1 comment:

Jack said...

I think that we always hope for the best, at least I do. I am not really surprised by this, but a bit disappointed.

But I play the hand that I am dealt and go from there.