Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Board Game Blog World Roudup

New blogs since my last roundup:

Fail Better - Some guy from New Jersey.
Mormon Game Design - Mike, from Logan, UT. A game design blog.
My board games blog (aka A World Without String) - Stephan Wessels, Omaha, NE. Infrequent poster.
Playing board games - Matt Jones, Cambridge, UK. One of several blogs Matt he uses to promote his board game social site SophistiGames. Only three posts on each blog, so far.
Quest for Fun (aka Black Diamond Games) - Gary Ray, Concord, CA. All about running a game store.
The Non-Stop Tabletop - Josh Jenkins, Henderson, KY. Vlog reviews and sessions.

Several more blogs fell off my radar due to inactivity.

Since it's a new year, here is a refresher on my complete list of board game blogs on the Internet with active content (not including BGG feeds, single-game sites, video game sites, and Israeli-specific sites). If you know any that I should add, drop me a line. (Titles are as given by the feed.)

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