Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Scrabble w/Rachel: 407 to 395

Rachel won. She had a first round (second player) bingo with MOONIES. I had a late game bingo with POUNdING off a free G. Could have made POUNcING, too, but I was hoping to utilize the d.

I also dumped a Z at 1,2, i.e. right in front of the top-left Triple word score, thinking that there were not too many words with Z as the second letter. I knew about AZO and AZURE, and I left myself with URE in my hand, so I only needed to pick an A. I figured it would be harder for Rachel to get it. She didn't wait however, and simply played off the Z without getting the triple word score.

Two blog links:

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Chris Farrell on how to write better rule books for games.


wink b said...

Scrabble is such a great way to encourage children to love language. I bet you're happy that Rachel has taken a liking to it!

Yehuda said...

Absolutely, especially as she's older than I am. :-)