Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rachel Tanks Me in a Scrabble Game

391 to 291. No bingos. Lots of cool words, though. Kana. Azon. Leonine. Dixit.

Blogging: Got my first advertiser for Purple Pawn: Invisible City Productions. Hope it achieves something good for them; PP is doing decent commissions on Amazon, but it's nice to get real advertisers to deal with. If you want to advertise on PP, we have a special: first month only $15. Regular price is $2/day. Of course, you're also welcome to advertise on this blog (same deal).

Gaming: Borrowed Age of Steam from one of the group members, and desperately hope to play it again soon. It's one of my top ten games and I've only played it around three times. I'm keen to try Brass, but I'm still not willing to pay $60 for a game. I also finally read all the rules to, and therefore am ready to play, Merchants of Amsterdam, which I picked up a few weeks ago (you can get it for $15 at Amazon, so I guess I overpaid).

Also on Amazon: Cleopatra and the Society of Architects ($20), Bootleggers ($12), Igloo Pop ($10), The Bridges of Shangri-La ($10), Goldbrau ($12), Igels Card Game ($4.50), Indus ($20), Carcassonne: The Discovery ($14), Carcassonne: King and Scout ($0.50).

If you live in Canada, I asked Tao of Starlit Citadel for a copy of Dominion, but he was out. I ordered it instead from German Games, and they were super-nice and quick. I just heard from SC that they got a returned order which included a copy of Dominion; so while they're waiting to restock Dominion, you can grab the one copy they have in stock.

My step-daughter came in after shabbat and told me that she played Jungle Speed at friends. Second mention of Jungle Speed in the last few weeks; must be taking off in Israel.

Also, BGG will be down for a day, mid-Sunday to mid-Monday.

I need to add more structure to my life.


Random parenting fact: For me, the one phrase that I repeated most throughout my parenting was "Don't lock anyone into or out of anything." Odd, because I don't recall ever hearing that when I was a child.

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Jeff Myers said...

Dominion has been popping up in our group as well, but I've yet to play it, and now I'm very into Roll Through the Ages.

I find the most common parenting phrases include the word "regardless" and I'm pretty sure I never heard that word growing up.