Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Designer pages on BGG

Gosh, with the new designer pages on BGG, there is now an entire page devoted to me. Of course, you may be more interested in this one.

Funny, it lists forums about my game, but not The Menorah Game itself.


Monday, February 27, 2006

Monopoly Versions

Since I'm bored, and astoundingly enough there is no complete list of Monopoly versions on the Internet (!!!), here is a list I collected from eBay, BoardGameGeek, and various people's online collections.

  • In general, versions are prefixed or suffixed by either "Monopoly" or "opoly". Some also say "edition", "collectible", and other such stuff. And some are "on Board", "in a Box", or "Here and Now". Unofficial versions might say "The Game of". [2008/08/27: Just discovered all the Stock Block games.]
  • Contains many unofficial (unlicensed) versions.
  • The list covers different versions; that is, the spaces on the board are named for different things. It doesn't contain endless series of editions of the same versions published by box color and date. It also doesn't contain all language editions of the same version. For instance, there are many different editions in different languages of "Wonders of the World Monopoly". As a rough estimate, including all editions and different language editions of the same version would inflate this list by a factor of five.
  • In my opinion, Monopoly is not a very good game, even when played without house rules. It remains popular mostly due to nostalgia and lack of information about better games. If you don't know any other games besides Monopoly, please go to BoardGameGeek and learn about many, many better games. I recommend starting with Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, or Acquire.
Some of my sources: eBay, BoardGameGeek, World of Monopoly, Monopoly Lexicon, Richard's Monopoly page, Monopoly Base, Wikipedia, Helponboard (thanks Kevin), David (thebigchip), ...

2499 versions, and counting (last updated May-06-2014):
  1. .com
  2. 08520
  3. 123 Sesame St
  4. 150th Hartford Independent Fair
  5. 1899 Hoffenheim
  6. 1935 Commemorative
  7. 1935 Deluxe 1st Game
  8. 1999 NFL Gridiron
  9. 2012 Olympic Games
  10. 25th Anniversary
  11. 30A (South Walton)
  12. 50's
  13. 60's
  14. 60th Anniversary
  15. 65th Anniversary 1935-2000
  16. 70's
  17. 70th Anniversary
  18. 80's
  19. '84 L.A. Games
  20. A Christmas Story
  21. Aachen
  22. Aandelenspel Houten
  23. Aberdeen
  24. Abilene
  25. Abington
  26. AC/DC
  27. Adelaide
  28. Adelaide Crows
  29. Adelaide Crows 20th
  30. Adoption
  31. Adventure Time
  32. Aerospace
  33. Affton
  34. AFL Premier - Carlton
  35. AFL Premier - Collingwood
  36. AFL Premier - Geelong
  37. Aggie
  38. Aitkin County
  39. Akita
  40. al Dallal
  41. Alabama
  42. Alabama NCAA
  43. Alan Turing
  44. Alaska
  45. Alaska's Iditarod
  46. Albany
  47. Alberta
  48. Albertsons
  49. Albuquerque
  50. Albuquerque (Stock Block)
  51. Aldeburgh
  52. Alexandria
  53. Alfa
  54. Algarve
  55. Algonquin
  56. Alkamar
  57. All About Allentown
  58. All Blacks Charity Edition
  59. Allegany
  60. Allgau
  61. Allstate Insurance
  62. Altman Barbados
  63. Alpaca
  64. Alsace
  65. Alta Vista
  66. Alton Metro
  67. Alton Towers Resort
  68. Amanda
  69. Amador
  70. Amarillo
  71. AmCan
  72. America
  73. America Special
  74. American Chopper
  75. American Cities
  76. American Express Funds
  77. Amersfoort
  78. Amherst
  79. Ami
  80. Amiens
  81. Amsterdam
  82. Amsterdams Zwerfspel
  83. Angers
  84. Anglesey
  85. Angry Birds
  86. Anniversary
  87. Anti
  88. Anti II
  89. Anti III
  90. Antwerpen
  91. APBA Boxing
  92. Apple
  93. Arabic
  94. Arabic e-sinibad
  95. Arberdeen
  96. Argentina
  97. Ariel Investments
  98. Arizona
  99. Arkansas
  100. Arlington
  101. Arlon
  102. Armador
  103. Armenian
  104. ARMLS
  105. Arsenal
  106. Arsenal - Farewell to Highbury
  107. Art
  108. Aschaffenburg
  109. ASML
  110. Assen
  111. Asterix
  112. Aston Villa FC
  113. Astronomy
  114. Astros
  115. ASU
  116. Atlanta
  117. Atlanta [Stock Block]
  118. Atlanta Braves
  119. Atlanta City
  120. Atlanta Olympic
  121. Atlantic City (regular)
  122. Atlantis
  123. Athens
  124. Attleboro
  125. Auburn
  126. Auckland
  127. Audubon
  128. Augsburg
  129. Aurora
  130. Austin
  131. Austin (MyCityopoly)
  132. Australia
  133. Australia Here and Now
  134. Australian Football League
  135. Austria
  136. Auvergne
  137. Avalon Communities
  138. Avignon
  139. Avon
  140. Azerbaijan
  141. B.C.
  142. Back to the Future
  143. Bad Axe
  144. Bad Homburg
  145. Bad Kreuznach
  146. Baden (BNN)
  147. Baden-Baden
  148. Baden-Wurttemberg
  149. Baghdad Game
  150. Bahamas
  151. Bakken
  152. Bali
  153. Bailiwick of Guernsey
  154. Ballard
  155. Baltimore
  156. Baltimore [Stock Block]
  157. Bama
  158. Bamberg
  159. Banco Imobiliário
  160. Banco Imobiliário Cidade Olimpica (Olympic City 2016)
  161. Banco Imobiliário Junior
  162. Banff
  163. Bank
  164. Bank Elhaz Elsaed
  165. Bank of America
  166. Bank of America Baseball
  167. Bank of America Toy Bank
  168. Bank Game of New Paktrade
  169. Bankhaus Wolbern
  170. Banking
  171. Barbados [Stock Block]
  172. Barca
  173. Barcelona
  174. Barstow
  175. Bass Fishing
  176. Basse Normandie
  177. Bassin d'Arcachon
  178. Batavia
  179. Bath
  180. Batman
  181. Batman and Robin
  182. Battle Creek
  183. Bayerische Ausgabe
  184. Bayern
  185. Bayern Muchen FC
  186. Baylor
  187. Bayreuth
  188. BBC Radio One
  189. BBK Clinical Research and Development
  190. Beach
  191. Beachfront
  192. Beagle
  193. Bean
  194. Beauvais
  195. Beaver
  196. Beaver Island
  197. Bel Air
  198. Belchertown
  199. Belfast
  200. Belgian
  201. Belgian Ltd
  202. Belgian Travel
  203. Belgie-Belgique
  204. Belgrade
  205. Belkin
  206. Bellaire
  207. Bellingen Shire Council
  208. Belvider
  209. Bend's Powderbroker
  210. Berkshire Hathaway
  211. Bergen
  212. Berlin
  213. Bermuda
  214. Bermuda [Stock Block]
  215. Bernard Power's Canada
  216. Berryville
  217. Besancon
  218. Best Buy
  219. Betty Boop
  220. Beverly Hills
  221. BGCA (Boys and Girls Club of America)
  222. Bibby Line Group
  223. Bible
  224. Bielefeld
  225. Big Apple
  226. Big Mac
  227. Bigtopolis
  228. Bilbao
  229. Billings
  230. Bird
  231. Birmingham
  232. Birmingham University
  233. Birmington
  234. Birthday
  235. Bita
  236. BJU
  237. Blackpool & the Fylde Coast
  238. Blacks & Whites
  239. Blaenau Ffestiniog
  240. Bloomies
  241. Bloomington
  242. Blossomland
  243. Blue Box
  244. Blue Marble
  245. Blue Sky
  246. Bocholt
  247. Bochum
  248. Bodensee
  249. Bogalusa
  250. Boken
  251. Bolton
  252. Bolton Bohnanza
  253. Bomber
  254. Bombsquad
  255. Bonn
  256. Book
  257. Book-
  258. Bookshelf
  259. Boom (Studio 360)
  260. Boone
  261. BOOOO
  262. Bordeaux
  263. Borink
  264. Borsa
  265. Borussia Dortmund
  266. Bosch Belegh
  267. Boston
  268. Boston- [Terrier]
  269. Boston Celtics
  270. Boston Red Sox (2000)
  271. Boston Red Sox (2006)
  272. Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series Champions
  273. Boston Scene
  274. Boulder
  275. Bourges
  276. Bourne
  277. Bournemouth and Poole
  278. Boutique
  279. Bowie
  280. Boxer
  281. Boy Scouts of America
  282. Boynton Beach
  283. Bradford
  284. Braille
  285. Brandling Arms
  286. Branson
  287. Braunschweig
  288. Brave (Pixar)
  289. Brazil
  290. Breckenridge
  291. Breda
  292. Bremen
  293. Bremerhaven
  294. Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit
  295. Brest
  296. Bretagne
  297. Brew
  298. Breyer
  299. Bridgeton
  300. Brighton & Hove
  301. Bristol
  302. British
  303. British 60th Anniversary
  304. British Milk Chocolate
  305. Broken Arrow
  306. Bronxeville
  307. Brookfield
  308. Brookline
  309. Brooklyn
  310. Brown
  311. Bruderheim, AB
  312. Brussel
  313. Brussels
  314. BU
  315. Bucharest
  316. Buck
  317. Buckeye
  318. Bucks County
  319. Budget
  320. Buffalo
  321. Bug
  322. Build
  323. Bulgaria
  324. Bulldog
  325. Bungay
  326. Bunnings Warehouse
  327. Bunul gospodar
  328. Burbank
  329. Burghausen
  330. Burma / Myanmar
  331. Burgenland
  332. Burmese
  333. Business
  334. Bunnings Warehouse
  335. Buxtehude
  336. BYU
  337. C-TEC
  338. Caen
  339. Café Wilhelmina - Eindhoven
  340. Cairo
  341. Cal
  342. California
  343. California Centers Magazine
  344. Calgary
  345. Calumet
  346. Calvert
  347. Camargue
  348. Cambridge
  349. Camrose
  350. Canada
  351. Canadian
  352. Canadian (2010)
  353. Canadiens
  354. Cane
  355. Cannes
  356. CañonCity
  357. Canton
  358. Cape Breton
  359. Cape Cod
  360. Capitolio
  361. Cardiff
  362. Cardinals World Series Champions 2006
  363. Carglass
  364. Carlisle
  365. Carmargue
  366. Carolina
  367. Carpenter
  368. Carribean
  369. Carribean [Stock Block]
  370. Carroll 
  371. Carroll County
  372. Cars 2
  373. Cartoon Taiwan
  374. Carver
  375. Casey
  376. Casino
  377. Casino Rama-Big Time
  378. Cat
  379. Cat in the Hat
  380. Cat Lovers
  381. Catholic
  382. Cats
  383. Catskill
  384. Cayman
  385. Cedar Point
  386. Cedar Rapids
  387. Celtic
  388. Celtic Legends
  389. Centennial Olympic Games
  390. Centenium Benefica 1904-2004
  391. Central Lee Donnelson
  392. Century of Flight / Aviation
  393. Chamonix
  394. Chancer, The Game
  395. Charleroi
  396. Charlestown
  397. Charlevoix
  398. Charlotte
  399. Charlotte [Stock Block]
  400. Chav
  401. Cheese
  402. Chelmsford
  403. Chelsea
  404. Cheltenham
  405. Chemnitz
  406. Cherry
  407. Chesapeake
  408. Chester
  409. Chester & Cheshire
  410. Chester County
  411. Chesterfield
  412. Chiangmai
  413. Chicken
  414. Chicago
  415. Chicago (2009)
  416. Chicago [Stock Block]
  417. Chicago Bears
  418. Chicago Blackhawks
  419. Chicago Cubs
  420. Chicago White Sox 2005 World Series Champions
  421. Chieftan
  422. Chihuahua
  423. Chile
  424. Chili Heads
  425. China
  426. China Wall
  427. Chip 'n Pin
  428. Chocolate
  429. Chopply
  430. Christian
  431. Christmas
  432. Chronicles of Narnia
  433. Chrystler
  434. Chrystler Town & Country Road Trip
  435. Cincinnati
  436. Cincinnati [Stock Block]
  437. Circus
  438. Citrus
  439. Citta d'Italia
  440. City
  441. City of Bath Endeavor
  442. City of Falls Church
  443. City of Green Bay
  444. City of Green Bay Sesquicentennial
  445. City of Lagos
  446. Cityville
  447. Civil War
  448. Clarksville
  449. Classic Video Game
  450. Classic Volkswagen
  451. Clemson
  452. Cleveland
  453. Cleveland [Stock Block]
  454. Cleveland Browns
  455. Clinton (1994)
  456. Clinton (1995)
  457. Co Tan Trieu Phu
  458. Co-opoly
  459. Co-opoly Malaysia
  460. Coburg
  461. Coca-Cola
  462. Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary
  463. Coca-Cola Classic Ads
  464. Coca-Cola Collector's
  465. Cocktail
  466. Cody
  467. Coffee Bean
  468. Cofu
  469. Collector's Tin Car
  470. Collector's Tin Train
  471. College
  472. Cologne
  473. Colorado
  474. Colorado State
  475. Columbia
  476. Columbus
  477. Columbus [Stock Block]
  478. Combined
  479. Compiègne
  480. Con
  481. ConAgra Foods
  482. Concord
  483. Condo
  484. Connellsville
  485. Construction
  486. Copenhagen
  487. Cork
  488. Cornell
  489. Cornwall
  490. Cornwall Challenge
  491. Coronation Street
  492. Corpus Christi
  493. Corrupt
  494. Corse
  495. Corvette
  496. Corvette 50th Anniversary
  497. Cosmopoly et megapoly
  498. Coté D'Azur
  499. Cottbus
  500. Country
  501. Coventry
  502. Covington
  503. Cowboy
  504. Cranbrook
  505. Crayola
  506. Cricket
  507. Cricket Australia (Ashes Series)
  508. Croatia
  509. Cronulla
  510. Crooks & Castles
  511. CSUN
  512. Cuba
  513. Curacao
  514. Cuti-Cuti Malaysia
  515. Cycle
  516. Cyclon
  517. Cyclone
  518. CyFair
  519. Cyprus
  520. Cyrus Deluxe
  521. Czech Republic
  522. d'Arlon
  523. Dachshund
  524. Dacorum
  525. Dairy
  526. Dale Earnhardt
  527. Dale Earnhardt Legacy
  528. Dallas
  529. Dallas [Stock Block]
  530. Dallas Cowboys
  531. Dallas Scene
  532. Dalton
  533. Dana Point
  534. Danbury
  535. Dance
  536. Danville, Illinois
  537. Darmstadt
  538. Dart
  539. Das kaufmännische Talent
  540. Das Warnemundespiel
  541. DaVita
  542. Dawg
  543. Dayton
  544. Dayton [Stock Block]
  545. Daytona
  546. Daytona Beach
  547. DC Comics Retro
  548. De Delftsche Ronde
  549. de Hypotheker
  550. Debrecen
  551. Decatur
  552. Deep Sea
  553. Delaware
  554. Deluxe
  555. Deluxe (50th) Anniversary
  556. Den Haag
  557. Denver
  558. Denver [in a Box]
  559. Denver [Stock Block]
  560. Denver Broncos
  561. Denville
  562. der Verruckte Geldautomat
  563. Derbyshire
  564. Desi
  565. Despicable Me 2
  566. Destination Downtown (Jacksonville)
  567. Detroit
  568. Detroit [Stock Block]
  569. Detroit Red Wings
  570. Detroit Tigers
  571. Devil
  572. Devon
  573. Dickinson County
  574. Dictator
  575. Die Borse
  576. Dijon
  577. Dino
  578. Dinosaur
  579. Disney
  580. Disney 3D
  581. Disney Theme Park
  582. Disney Vacaction Club
  583. Disney/Pixar
  584. Dive
  585. DIY
  586. Doctor Who
  587. Dodgers
  588. Dog
  589. Dog-
  590. Dog Artist
  591. Dog Eat Dog
  592. Dog Lovers
  593. Dolphin
  594. Dom tot Dam
  595. Domain
  596. Dominik's Food Store
  597. Door County
  598. Doraemon
  599. Dordrecht
  600. Dortmund
  601. Dostihy a sazky
  602. Double Feature
  603. Doylestown
  604. Dr. Ochel
  605. Dresden
  606. Drug
  607. Dubai
  608. Ducasse de Mons
  609. Duck
  610. Ducks 
  611. Dubai
  612. Dublin
  613. Dubuque
  614. Duel Masters (US)
  615. Duel Masters (UK)
  616. Duisburg
  617. Duke
  618. Duluth
  619. Dulwich College Preparatory School
  620. Dundee
  621. Dunkerque
  622. Durant
  623. Durham
  624. Durham County (2009)
  625. Durrell Trust
  626. Düsseldorf
  627. Dutch
  628. E. M. S.
  629. Earth
  630. Earth: Team Power Smart
  631. East Aurora
  632. East Grinstead
  633. East Hampton
  634. Easy Money
  635. ECU
  636. Ecuador
  637. Ede
  638. Edicao Sporting
  639. Edinburgh
  640. Edmonton
  641. Edysje Fryslan
  642. Eger
  643. Egypt
  644. Eindhoven
  645. Eksklusif
  646. El Banquero
  647. El Paso Scene
  648. El Turista Anahuac
  649. Eldorado
  650. Electronic Banking
  651. Electronic Labs Finance
  652. Elk
  653. Elk Grove
  654. Elvis
  655. Elvis 75th Anniversary
  656. Elvis Presley 25th Anniversary
  657. Emergency Medical Services
  658. Emirates
  659. Emlak Ticareti Oyunu (Istanbul)
  660. Empire
  661. Emsland
  662. EMO (Europees Massagoed Overslagbedrijf)
  663. Endangered Species
  664. Endless
  665. Enfield
  666. England
  667. England Deluxe
  668. England Football Stars
  669. England Travel
  670. Englewood
  671. Enschede
  672. Environ
  673. Environmental Concerns
  674. Episcopalian
  675. Equip De France De Football
  676. Erfurt
  677. Erlangen
  678. Erwin
  679. Espanola Futball
  680. ESPN
  681. Essen
  682. Essex
  683. Esslingen
  684. Estes Express Lines 7th Anniversary
  685. Estonia
  686. Euro
  687. Euro Company
  688. Euro Super
  689. Eurobusiness
  690. Europa
  691. Europe
  692. European Union
  693. Euskirchen
  694. Evanston
  695. Evansville
  696. Everest
  697. Everton FC
  698. Exclusive Resorts
  699. Exeter
  700. Exeter Challenge
  701. F.S.U.
  702. FA Premier League 1999/2000
  703. FA Premier League 2000/2001
  704. Fabulous Las Vegas
  705. Fairbanks
  706. Fairmont Resorts and Hotels Centennial
  707. Fairy
  708. Falkenberg
  709. Falkirk
  710. Fall River
  711. Fallout
  712. Family
  713. Family Game, The
  714. Family Game Night Championship
  715. Family Guy
  716. Famu
  717. Fantastic Four
  718. Fantasy Football Players
  719. FAO Schwartz
  720. Farmapoly
  721. Farmopoly
  722. Farmington Valley
  723. Fazzino
  724. FCBarcelona
  725. FedEx
  726. FedEx Kinkos
  727. Fehmarn
  728. Fergus (Fergus Falls)
  729. Ferrari
  730. Feyenoord
  731. FIFA WM 2006 Germany
  732. FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa
  733. Final Fantasy
  734. Finance
  735. Finance & Fortune
  736. Finance Knapp/Electric
  737. Firefighter's
  738. Firefighters Second Alarm
  739. Firefly
  740. First Edition
  741. Fisher Scientific Centennial
  742. Fishin
  743. Fishing: Prized Catch
  744. Flagle
  745. Flemish
  746. Flensburg
  747. Fletcher Hotels
  748. Florida
  749. Flynt
  750. Flynth
  751. FNW
  752. Fohr
  753. Folk
  754. Fond (Fond du Lac)
  755. Football Top Clubs
  756. Ford 100th Anniversary
  757. Ford Mustang 40th Anniversary
  758. Ford Thunderbird 50th Anniversary
  759. Foreclosure
  760. Forest Park Historical Society
  761. Forks
  762. Fort St John
  763. Fort Thomas
  764. Fort Wayne
  765. Fort Worth
  766. Fort Worth [Stock Block]
  767. Fox
  768. Fox Cities
  769. Foxborough
  770. Foxwood
  771. France Reunion
  772. France World Cup '98
  773. Franken
  774. Frankfurt
  775. Franklin Mint
  776. Free Set of Uniquely Singapore
  777. Fredericton
  778. Freiburg
  779. Fremantle
  780. Fremont
  781. French Bulldog (Frenchie)
  782. French Top Football Clubs
  783. Frisian
  784. Fryslân
  785. Fulda
  786. Fulham FC
  787. Futurama
  788. Future Electronics
  789. Galveston
  790. Game Car Token Tin
  791. Garden
  792. Garfield
  793. Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  794. Gator
  795. Gay
  796. Gay-
  797. Gaya Baru
  798. Geck
  799. Geelong FC Premiership
  800. Geldermalsen/Waalkant
  801. Gelsenkirchen
  802. General Mills
  803. Geneva
  804. Geneve
  805. Georgia
  806. Georgia Tech
  807. Georgsmarienhutte
  808. Gera
  809. German Shepherd
  810. Germantown
  811. Germany (Deutschland)
  812. Ghetto (black)
  813. Ghetto (hand-made during Holocaust)
  814. GI Joe
  815. Giancola
  816. Gießen
  817. Gilbert
  818. Girl Scout
  819. Girl's Guide Anniversary
  820. Girlguiding UK
  821. Gironde
  822. Glasgow
  823. Glasgow Rangers
  824. Glen Ellyn
  825. Glendale
  826. Glenwood Springs
  827. Gloucestershire
  828. Glousester
  829. Go To Texas
  830. Gold Coast, Australia
  831. Golden
  832. Golf
  833. Golf Signature Holes
  834. Goodrich
  835. Gopher
  836. Göppingen
  837. Gosforth
  838. Göteborg
  839. Göttingen
  840. Gouda
  841. Gouwe Deal
  842. Gran
  843. Gran Capital
  844. Gran Mundo Financiero
  845. Gran Santiago
  846. Granada
  847. Grand Island
  848. Grand Junction
  849. Grand Rapids
  850. Grande Prarie
  851. Grandma
  852. Grateful Dead
  853. Grazer Wirtschafts
  854. Great Stampede West
  855. Greater Bozeman
  856. Greater Hazelton Area
  857. Greater Jenkintown
  858. Greater Miami
  859. Greater Memphis
  860. Greater Moncton
  861. Greater Saint John
  862. Greater Sudbury
  863. Greek
  864. Greeley
  865. Green
  866. Green Bay
  867. Green Bay Packers
  868. Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Inc.
  869. Green Valley
  870. Greenbrier County
  871. Grenoble
  872. Grillin
  873. Groningen
  874. Grosse Point
  875. Grow Op
  876. Growth Equities Mutual
  877. Guadeloupe
  878. Guatemala
  879. Guelph
  880. Guernsey
  881. Guildford
  882. Gunzburg
  883. GW
  884. Gyôr
  885. Hackettstown
  886. Hadley
  887. Hagen
  888. Halle (Saale)
  889. Halloween
  890. Hamburg
  891. Hameln
  892. Hamilton
  893. Hamm
  894. Hammonton
  895. Hamoen
  896. Hanau
  897. Handel Ehrlekh
  898. Hannover
  899. Hanover Norwich
  900. Hans Anders
  901. Hanson
  902. Hard Rock Cafe
  903. Harderwijk
  904. Hardinxveld-Giessendam
  905. Harley Davidson
  906. Harley Davidson 95th Anniversary Limited Collector's
  907. Harley Davidson Authorized
  908. Harley Davidson Legendary Bikes
  909. Harley Davidson Motorcycles "Live to Ride"
  910. Harrisburg
  911. Harrods
  912. Harrow School
  913. Hartland
  914. Harvard
  915. Harz
  916. Haute Normandie
  917. Haute Savoie
  918. Havertown
  919. Hawaii
  920. Hawaii (State)
  921. Haworth
  922. Hawthorn
  923. HCI Capital
  924. Heath
  925. Heidelberg
  926. Heilbronn
  927. Heineken
  928. Heinz
  929. Heirloom
  930. Hello Kitty
  931. Hellraiser
  932. Hen
  933. Henderson
  934. Here and Now
  935. Here and Now (Australia)
  936. Here and Now (France)
  937. Here and Now (Ireland)
  938. Here and Now (Netherlands)
  939. Here and Now (New Zealand)
  940. Here and Now (Taiwan)
  941. Here and Now (U.K.)
  942. Here and Now (World)
  943. Hereford Zone
  944. Heritage of Green Bay Area
  945. Herne
  946. Hershey's
  947. Herzogenaurach
  948. Heute
  949. Highlands and Islands
  950. Hildesheim
  951. Hillegom
  952. Hilton
  953. Hiphop
  954. Historic Boston
  955. Historic Potsdam
  956. HMO
  957. Hoboken, NJ
  958. Hoeksche Waard
  959. Hof
  960. Hog
  961. Hold'em
  962. Hoeksche Waard
  963. Holiday Property
  964. Holly
  965. Hollywood
  966. HOM
  967. Homeschool
  968. Hometown Anoka/Ramsey
  969. Hometown Bloomington
  970. Hometown La Crosse
  971. Hometown Oshkosh
  972. Homonopolis
  973. Hong Kong
  974. Hong Kong 1997 Commemorative
  975. Hong Kong Deluxe
  976. Hong Kong Travel
  977. Honolulu
  978. Hooked on Hereford
  979. Horrible Histories
  980. Horse
  981. Horse Lovers
  982. Houston
  983. Houston [Stock Block]
  984. Houston Astros 2005 NL Champions
  985. Houston Scene
  986. How I Met Your Mother
  987. Howard DeWalden Estate
  988. Howell
  989. Hoya
  990. HP Supplly Chain
  991. Hub City Livin
  992. Hudson Valley
  993. Hudson-Litchfield
  994. Huevopolis
  995. Huisjesmelker
  996. Huizer
  997. Hull
  998. Hull City
  999. Hull City AFC
  1000. Hungary
  1001. Husker
  1002. Hydr
  1003. I Love Lucy
  1004. I Love Lucy "California Here We Come"
  1005. I Luv Colorado Springs
  1006. I Luv London
  1007. I.U.
  1008. Ibiza
  1009. Ice Cream
  1010. Iceland
  1011. Idaho
  1012. Illinoise (Illinio)
  1013. Illoni
  1014. Illumin
  1015. Imperium (Empire)
  1016. In N Out
  1017. India
  1018. Indiana
  1019. Indiana Jones
  1020. Indian River
  1021. Indianapolis
  1022. Indianapolis [Stock Block]
  1023. Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl XLI
  1024. Indonesia
  1025. Ineel Institute Techn
  1026. Inflatable
  1027. ING Direct
  1028. Ingolstadt
  1029. Inheritance
  1030. Interbay Funding
  1031. Intercontinental
  1032. International Business
  1033. International Euro
  1034. Inventus Patentus
  1035. Inverness
  1036. Investing in Radio
  1037. Investment Styles of the Rich and Famous
  1038. Iowa
  1039. Iowa State
  1040. Iowa State Fair
  1041. Ipswitch
  1042. Iraq
  1043. Ireland
  1044. Irish
  1045. Iron Mountain
  1046. Islam
  1047. Island
  1048. Island (Iceland)
  1049. Islay
  1050. Isle of Anglesey
  1051. Isle of Arran
  1052. Isle of Man
  1053. Isle of Wight
  1054. Israel (Monopol)
  1055. Issaquah
  1056. Jack Russell (Jacks)
  1057. Jackson
  1058. Jacksonville
  1059. Jacks
  1060. Jakarta
  1061. Jamaica
  1062. Jamaica 50th Anniversary
  1063. James Bond 007
  1064. Janesville
  1065. Japan
  1066. Japan Deluxe
  1067. Japan Pocket
  1068. Japanese
  1069. Jay and the Silent Bob
  1070. Jayhawks
  1071. Jekyll Island, Georgia
  1072. Jersey
  1073. Jewish
  1074. Jim Hanson's Muppets
  1075. JMU
  1076. John Deere
  1077. John Wayne
  1078. Johnny Lightning
  1079. Johnson
  1080. Joliet
  1081. Juicy Couture
  1082. Jumbo Jet
  1083. Juneau
  1084. Junior
  1085. Junior Avatar
  1086. Junior Ben 10
  1087. Junior (Big Mac Korea)
  1088. Junior Bratz
  1089. Junior Deep Sea Adventure
  1090. Junior Dig 'N Dinos
  1091. Junior Disney Channel
  1092. Junior Disney Princess
  1093. Junior Edible Sour Candy
  1094. Junior Eloise's Rawther Exciting Globetrotting Adventure
  1095. Junior Hannah Montana
  1096. Junior Hello Kitty
  1097. Junior (Korean)
  1098. Junior Kung-Fu Panda
  1099. Junior Lemonade
  1100. Junior Monsters University
  1101. Junior Party
  1102. Junior Shaun the Sheep
  1103. Junior Shrek 2
  1104. Junior Sports
  1105. Junior Toy Story
  1106. Junior Toy Story 2
  1107. Junior Toy Story and Beyond
  1108. Junior Travel
  1109. Junior Trek Alaska
  1110. Junior Waddingtons
  1111. Justice League of America
  1112. Jutaria Around the World
  1113. Jutaria Disertai dengen hadiah misteri
  1114. Jutaria Millionaire
  1115. Jutaria Billionaire
  1116. K Mart
  1117. Kalamazoo
  1118. Kalli
  1119. Kamp Tjideng
  1120. KanAm
  1121. Kankakee
  1122. Kansas
  1123. Kansas City
  1124. Kansas City Scene
  1125. Kansas State
  1126. Karachi
  1127. Karlo
  1128. Karlsruhe
  1129. Karntener Wirtschafts
  1130. Kassel
  1131. Kasteel De Haar
  1132. Katy
  1133. Kauai
  1134. Kecskemét
  1135. Keller
  1136. Kelowna
  1137. Kempten
  1138. Kennebunk
  1139. Kenosha
  1140. Kent
  1141. Kentuky State
  1142. Kessef Gadol
  1143. Key System
  1144. Khov
  1145. Kiel
  1146. King's College University
  1147. Kingston
  1148. Kingston upon Hull
  1149. Kingwood
  1150. Kip
  1151. Kismet
  1152. KISS
  1153. Kitchener-Waterloo
  1154. Kix 104 FM Hometown
  1155. Klamath Falls
  1156. Klingon
  1157. Koblenz
  1158. Koch
  1159. Köln
  1160. Konstanz
  1161. Korean
  1162. Kreasi Baru
  1163. Kreasi Baru Maknit
  1164. Krefeld
  1165. Kristianstad
  1166. Kuala Lumpar
  1167. Kuwait (Al Dallal)
  1168. La Crosse
  1169. La France Agricole
  1170. La Jolie
  1171. La Jolla
  1172. La Palette Rouge
  1173. La Rochelle
  1174. Lab-
  1175. Lafayette
  1176. Laga Internasional
  1177. Laga Nasional
  1178. Laguna
  1179. Lake Winnipesaukee: Follow the Mount
  1180. Lancashire
  1181. Land
  1182. Landshut
  1183. Landslide
  1184. Las Vegas
  1185. Las Vegas Fortune
  1186. Latin
  1187. Latvia
  1188. Laurel and Hardy
  1189. Law Enforcement
  1190. Lawton
  1191. LDS
  1192. Le Havre
  1193. Leather
  1194. Lebanon
  1195. Leelan
  1196. Leeds
  1197. Leeds (private edition)
  1198. Leerdam - Geldermasen
  1199. Legal
  1200. Legends of the Game: Negro and Latin Leagues Baseball
  1201. Lehigh Valley
  1202. Leibnitz
  1203. Leicestershire
  1204. Leipzig
  1205. Leominster
  1206. Let's Buy Hollywood
  1207. Lethbridge
  1208. Letzebuerg
  1209. Levenger Leather
  1210. Lexington
  1211. Lexington [Stock Block]
  1212. Lianca
  1213. Liberal
  1214. Library
  1215. Liege
  1216. Life in Dubai
  1217. Lighthouse
  1218. Lille
  1219. Lilly
  1220. Lilly Pulitzer
  1221. Lima
  1222. Limburg
  1223. Limited Too: It's a Girl's World
  1224. Limoges
  1225. Limousin
  1226. Lincoln
  1227. Linden
  1228. Lingewaal -  Gorinchem
  1229. Linzer Wirtschafts
  1230. Lion
  1231. Lionel Trains
  1232. Litchfield
  1233. Little Debbie Snack
  1234. Little Rock
  1235. Littlest Pet Shop
  1236. Live
  1237. Liverpool
  1238. Liverpool - Capital of Culture 2008
  1239. Liverpool FC - European Champions
  1240. Liverpool FC 2007
  1241. Livonia
  1242. Lloydminster
  1243. Locke
  1244. Lodi
  1245. Lokalspelet: Falkenberg
  1246. Lokalspelet: Gotland
  1247. Lokalspelet: Hassleholm
  1248. Lokalspelet: Helsingborg
  1249. Lokalspelet: Kalshamn
  1250. Lokalspelet: Karlskoga
  1251. Lokalspelet: Kristianstad
  1252. Lokalspelet: Linkoping
  1253. Lokalspelet: Mellanskane
  1254. Lokalspelet: Nykoping
  1255. Lokalspelet: Osterlen
  1256. Lokalspelet: Pitea
  1257. Lokalspelet: Trelleborg
  1258. Lokalspelet: Tvastad
  1259. Lokalspelet: Vastbo
  1260. London
  1261. London (2006)
  1262. London Olympics 2012
  1263. London Underground
  1264. Long Island
  1265. Longhorn
  1266. Loon
  1267. Looney Tunes
  1268. Lorraine
  1269. Lord of the Rings
  1270. Lord of the Rings (alida saxon)
  1271. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  1272. Lorraine
  1273. Los Angeles
  1274. Los Angeles [Stock Block]
  1275. Los Angeles Dodgers
  1276. Los Angeles Lakers
  1277. Los Angeles Scene
  1278. Louisville [Stock Block]
  1279. Lov
  1280. Lozere
  1281. LPR (La Palette Rouge)
  1282. LSU
  1283. Lubbock
  1284. Lubeck
  1285. Ludwigsburg
  1286. Ludwigshafen
  1287. Lufkin
  1288. Luna Park Sydney 75th
  1289. Lunar: Mutant Chronicles
  1290. Luneburg
  1291. Luther
  1292. Luxus
  1293. Lycoming
  1294. Lynn
  1295. Lyon
  1296. M-State
  1297. M & M's
  1298. MA BELL
  1299. Maailman Ihmeet
  1300. Maaslands
  1301. Macon
  1302. Madison
  1303. Madrid
  1304. Mafia
  1305. Magdeburg
  1306. Maiden City
  1307. Main-Taunus
  1308. Maine
  1309. Mainz
  1310. Major League Baseball (2004)
  1311. Major League Baseball (2010)
  1312. Make Your Own
  1313. Malaga
  1314. Malaysia
  1315. Malaysia Travel
  1316. Mallorca
  1317. Malmo
  1318. Malta
  1319. Manager
  1320. Manchester
  1321. Manchester City FC
  1322. Manchester United
  1323. Manchester United 2000/2001
  1324. Manila
  1325. Manitowoc
  1326. Mannheim
  1327. Mansfield
  1328. Manx
  1329. Marble Arch
  1330. Marburg
  1331. Market Square
  1332. Marlborough
  1333. Marlin, Texas
  1334. Marquette
  1335. Marseille
  1336. Marshall Fields
  1337. Marshalls Natural Paving
  1338. Martian
  1339. Martin
  1340. Martinique
  1341. Martinsburg
  1342. Marvel Comics
  1343. Marvel Universe
  1344. Mary Rose, The
  1345. Maryland
  1346. Mass Effect
  1347. Massey
  1348. Matador
  1349. Mataro
  1350. Maui
  1351. Mayberry
  1352. McCreary
  1353. McDonald's Mini 
  1354. McDonald's Promotion Junior
  1355. MCI Classic
  1356. Medical
  1357. Mega
  1358. Megalopolis
  1359. Megan
  1360. Mekelomania
  1361. Memmingen
  1362. Memphis
  1363. Memphis [Stock Block]
  1364. Menard
  1365. Menomonie
  1366. Meppel
  1367. Meralco
  1368. Merveilles Du Monde
  1369. Metallica
  1370. Meth
  1371. Métro
  1372. Metropoly
  1373. Metz
  1374. Mexico
  1375. Mexico City
  1376. Miami
  1377. Miami and the Beaches
  1378. Miami (Lion's Club)
  1379. Miami Dolphins
  1380. Michael Graves
  1381. Michigan
  1382. Mickey Mouse 75th Anniversary
  1383. Micro
  1384. Middlesbrough
  1385. Midlothian
  1386. Mifflin
  1387. Migros
  1388. Milan
  1389. Military (Pemberton & Milner)
  1390. Millennium
  1391. Millennium-
  1392. Million
  1393. Millionaire
  1394. Millionth
  1395. Milton Keynes
  1396. Milwaukee
  1397. Milwaukee [Stock Block]
  1398. Mini-Cassia
  1399. Minneapolis-St. Paul's
  1400. Minnesota
  1401. Minnesota Vikings
  1402. Minnesota Wild
  1403. Minot
  1404. Miskolc
  1405. Miss
  1406. Mississauga
  1407. Mississippi
  1408. Missoula
  1409. Mizz
  1410. Mizzou
  1411. MOB
  1412. Moberly
  1413. Monaco World Championship 1977
  1414. Monchengladbach
  1415. Money-maker
  1416. Monkey Island
  1417. Monona
  1418. Monopo-Lee
  1419. Monopol na Zbawienie
  1420. Monopoli
  1421. Monopolie
  1422. Monopolly 
  1423. Monrovia
  1424. Monster
  1425. Monster Jam 
  1426. Montcuq
  1427. Montgomery
  1428. Montpellier
  1429. Montreal
  1430. Montreal [Stock Block]
  1431. Montville
  1432. Monty Python
  1433. Moose
  1434. Mormon
  1435. Morocco
  1436. Morris Unilever Corporate Strategy
  1437. Morro Bay
  1438. Moscow Special Limited
  1439. Moshi Monsters
  1440. Motalaspelet
  1441. Motown
  1442. Mount
  1443. Mount Lebanon
  1444. Mount Shastan
  1445. Mountain
  1446. Mountaineering
  1447. Mrs. Ham's 5th Grade
  1448. MTG (Modern Times Group)
  1449. Muhammad Ali
  1450. München
  1451. Muni (Rochester)
  1452. Munich
  1453. Münster
  1454. Muppets
  1455. Murch
  1456. Mus
  1457. Music
  1458. Muskegon
  1459. Muskogee
  1460. Mustang 35th
  1461. Mustang 40th
  1462. Mutt
  1463. My
  1464. My (2014)
  1465. My American Idol
  1466. My Disney Villains
  1467. My Fantasy Baseball
  1468. My Fantasy Drivers
  1469. My Fantasy Football
  1470. My Little Pony
  1471. My Little Pony (2013)
  1472. My Marvel Heroes Customizable
  1473. My MLB Customizable
  1474. My NBA Customizable
  1475. My NFL Customizable
  1476. My NHL Customizable
  1477. N.C. State
  1478. N. Carolina
  1479. Nacognopoly
  1480. Namur
  1481. Nantes
  1482. Nantucket
  1483. Napa Valley
  1484. Naperville
  1485. NASCAR
  1486. NASCAR 50th Anniversary Limited
  1487. NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series
  1488. Nashua
  1489. Nashville
  1490. Natchez
  1491. National Parks
  1492. NBA
  1493. Nebraska
  1494. Necrono
  1495. Neiman Marcus
  1496. NEPA
  1497. NET.
  1498. Netherlands
  1499. Netherlands Travel
  1500. Neubrandenburg
  1501. Neuss
  1502. Nevada
  1503. Nevada [Stock Block]
  1504. New Caledonia
  1505. New Canaan
  1506. New Disney
  1507. New England
  1508. New England Patriots
  1509. New Haven
  1510. New I Love Lucy
  1511. New London Area
  1512. New Milford
  1513. New Orleans
  1514. New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV Champions
  1515. New Orleans Scene
  1516. New Richmond
  1517. New South Wales (NSW)
  1518. New York
  1519. New York [Stock Block]
  1520. New York City
  1521. New York Giants
  1522. New York Giants Superbowl XLII Champions
  1523. New York Jets
  1524. New York Knicks
  1525. New York Mets
  1526. New York Scene
  1527. New York Yankees
  1528. New York Yankees 2009 World Series Champions
  1529. New York Yankees Century's Team
  1530. New Zealand
  1531. New Zealand: Pink Ribbon
  1532. Newcastle & Gateshead
  1533. Newcastle United
  1534. Newfoundland and Labrador
  1535. Newington College Sesquicentary
  1536. NewLondonArea
  1537. Newport
  1538. Newport (G & L Enterprises)
  1539. Newton
  1540. NFL
  1541. NFL Grid Iron
  1542. NFL Official Limited
  1543. NHL
  1544. NHL Collector's
  1545. NHL Original Six
  1546. Nice
  1547. Niederbayern
  1548. Niederosterreich
  1549. Niger
  1550. Nigeria Centenary
  1551. Night Sky
  1552. Night Sky Solar System
  1553. Nightmare Before Christmas
  1554. Nijmegen
  1555. Nimes
  1556. Nintendo (2006)
  1557. Nintendo (2010)
  1558. Nissan
  1559. Nord
  1560. Nord-Pas de Calais
  1561. Norderney
  1562. Norse
  1563. North Bay
  1564. North Carolina
  1565. North Carolina State
  1566. North Shore
  1567. Northampton
  1568. Northern Ireland
  1569. Norwich
  1570. Notre Dame
  1571. Nottingham
  1572. Nova
  1573. NRL
  1574. NUF
  1575. Nummi
  1576. Nuremberg
  1577. Nurnberg
  1578. Nyenrode Business University
  1579. Nyíregyháza
  1580. O.C.
  1581. O.J.
  1582. Oahu
  1583. Oakland
  1584. Oakland Raiders
  1585. Oakville
  1586. Obama
  1587. Oberhausen
  1588. Oberosterreich
  1589. Oberpfalz
  1590. Oberursel
  1591. Ocala
  1592. Ocean
  1593. Ocean Beach
  1594. Ocean City, NJ
  1595. Odaiba
  1596. Odense
  1597. Oekolo
  1598. of Three Kingdoms
  1599. Offenbach
  1600. Offenburg
  1601. Ogden
  1602. Ogden II
  1603. Ohio
  1604. Oil Barons
  1605. OK State
  1606. Oklahoma
  1607. Oklahoma Centennial
  1608. Oklahoma City
  1609. Oklahoma City [Stock Block]
  1610. Okolo
  1611. Oktoberfest 
  1612. Old Bridge
  1613. Old Forge
  1614. Old Navy Shop
  1615. Oldenburg
  1616. Ole Miss
  1617. Olive
  1618. Oly
  1619. Omaha
  1620. Oman
  1621. One Direction
  1622. Oneida
  1623. Only Fools and Horses
  1624. Oogziekenhuis Rotterdam (OOG)
  1625. Option One
  1626. Orange
  1627. Oregon
  1628. Orlando
  1629. Orleans
  1630. Osaka
  1631. Oshkosh Is Game
  1632. Oslo
  1633. Osnabruck
  1634. Ostereich
  1635. Ostfriesland
  1636. Ostsee
  1637. Oststeiermark
  1638. OSU
  1639. Otra Sud
  1640. Ottawa
  1641. Ottawa [Stock Block]
  1642. Oundle
  1643. Owens
  1644. Oxford
  1645. Oxford [Stock Block]
  1646. Ozaukee County
  1647. PABI Island
  1648. Pacific Beach
  1649. Pacific Palisades
  1650. Packer
  1651. Packerland
  1652. Packers
  1653. Paderborn
  1654. Palatine
  1655. Palm Beach
  1656. Palma de Mallorca
  1657. Palmer
  1658. Palmmuusaaren Pohatta
  1659. Palmyra
  1660. Palos Verdes
  1661. Pamp pa Paradison
  1662. Panama
  1663. Panama City
  1664. Parade (2010 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade)
  1665. Paris
  1666. Paris Saint-Germain
  1667. Park City
  1668. Parker
  1669. Parkersburg Discovery
  1670. Pas-de-Calais
  1671. Passau
  1672. Patriot Act
  1673. Pau
  1674. Pays Basque
  1675. Peanuts
  1676. Pécs
  1677. Pedigree Dog Lover's
  1678. Pelhams Westchester County
  1679. Pembroke
  1680. Pendelton
  1681. Penguin
  1682. Peninsul
  1683. Penn
  1684. Penn State
  1685. Pennsville
  1686. Pepperell
  1687. Pepsi
  1688. Perigord
  1689. Perkiomen
  1690. Perry Rhodan
  1691. Perth
  1692. Perth WA (Western Austrailia)
  1693. Peru
  1694. Petaluma
  1695. Peterborough
  1696. Petropolis
  1697. Peugot
  1698. Peuter
  1699. Pfalz
  1700. Pforzheim
  1701. PGA Tour
  1702. Philadelphia
  1703. Philadelphia [Stock Block]
  1704. Philadelphia Eagles
  1705. Philadelphia Phillies 2008 World Series Champions
  1706. Philately
  1707. Philippine
  1708. Philippines
  1709. Philipstown
  1710. Philly
  1711. Phineas & Ferb
  1712. Phoenix
  1713. Phoenix [Stock Block]
  1714. Phon
  1715. Photo
  1716. Picardie
  1717. Pikes Peak
  1718. Pimp
  1719. Pink Floyd
  1720. Pirate
  1721. Pirates of the Caribbean
  1722. Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides
  1723. Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy
  1724. Pitea
  1725. Pitt
  1726. Pittsburgh
  1727. Pittsburgh Penguins
  1728. Pittsburgh Steelers
  1729. Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Champions XL
  1730. Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Champions XLIII
  1731. Pittsfield
  1732. Pixar
  1733. Planet Earth
  1734. Planet Orange
  1735. Plant City
  1736. Playmaster
  1737. Plumbing-Heating-Cooling
  1738. Plymouth
  1739. Pocomoke
  1740. Poet
  1741. Pogromly
  1742. Point
  1743. Pointe
  1744. Poitou
  1745. Pokemon (1999)
  1746. Pokemon (2001)
  1747. Pokemon (2014)
  1748. Pokemon - Gold and Silver 
  1749. Polk County
  1750. Poly
  1751. Pond Hockey
  1752. Pontiac
  1753. Pony
  1754. Poodle
  1755. Poole
  1756. Popular
  1757. Porn Masters
  1758. Port Adelaide
  1759. Port Sorell
  1760. Portland (Maine)
  1761. Portland-City
  1762. Portland [Stock Block]
  1763. Portsmouth
  1764. Portugal
  1765. Possum
  1766. Post Office - Holiday Stamp
  1767. Post Office - Love Stamp
  1768. Post Office - Wonders of America Stamp
  1769. Pot
  1770. Potsdam
  1771. Powell River
  1772. Power Rangers
  1773. Powerpuff Girls
  1774. PowerTechnics
  1775. Pow Wow
  1776. Prague
  1777. Premier Communities
  1778. President
  1779. Pretty Pretty Princess Cinderella
  1780. Prince Caspian
  1781. Prince Edward Island
  1782. Princess
  1783. Princeton
  1784. Prison
  1785. Prologis Industrial Real Estate
  1786. ProRail
  1787. Prosser
  1788. PSG - Paris
  1789. PSV Soccer Club
  1790. Psycho
  1791. Puerto Rico
  1792. Pug
  1793. Puppy
  1794. Purdue
  1795. Put-In-Bay
  1796. Putrajaya
  1797. Puttan
  1798. Puzz 3D
  1799. PV Autoteile
  1800. Python
  1801. Qantas Socceroos Charity
  1802. Quad
  1803. Quad Cities
  1804. Quebec
  1805. Quebec [Stock Block]
  1806. Queensland Charity
  1807. Quik
  1808. Quilt
  1809. Quincy
  1810. QVC
  1811. Race
  1812. Racine
  1813. Radio One
  1814. Raiders
  1815. Raleigh
  1816. Rambler
  1817. Randolph
  1818. Ranger (Forest Hills Elementary School PTA)
  1819. Ranger Rick
  1820. Rangers
  1821. Ras Al Khaimah
  1822. Ravensburg
  1823. Reading
  1824. Real Madrid
  1825. Recycl
  1826. Red Bank, NJ
  1827. Red Box
  1828. Red Deer
  1829. Red Sox 2004 World Series Champions
  1830. Red Sox 2007 World Series Champions
  1831. Redding
  1832. Redditch 50th Anniversary
  1833. Redneck
  1834. Regensburg
  1835. Regina
  1836. Reims
  1837. Renaissance Investments
  1838. Rennes
  1839. Resident Evil
  1840. Réunion
  1841. Reutlingen
  1842. Revolution
  1843. Revolutionary War
  1844. Rhein-Neckar
  1845. Rheinische Post
  1846. Rheinland-Pfalz
  1847. Rhode Island
  1848. Rhodesia
  1849. Rib
  1850. Rich Farmer, Poor Farmer
  1851. Richmond
  1852. Richmond [Stock Block]
  1853. Ricuz
  1854. RIM 25th Anniversary
  1855. Ringhotels
  1856. Rio de Janero
  1857. Ripper
  1858. Riverside
  1859. Riyadh
  1860. Rochester
  1861. Rochester Funds Muni
  1862. Rock
  1863. Rockford
  1864. Rockland
  1865. Rockyhill
  1866. Rodeo
  1867. Rono
  1868. Roosendaal
  1869. Roppongi Hills
  1870. Rosenheim
  1871. Rostock
  1872. Rotterdam
  1873. Round Rock
  1874. Rouen
  1875. Row
  1876. Royal Marines 350th Anniversary
  1877. Royal Wedding
  1878. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  1879. Rugby World Cup, 1999
  1880. Ruhr
  1881. Ruhrgebiet
  1882. Russia
  1883. Rutgers
  1884. S. Carolina
  1885. S.M.U.
  1886. Saarbrucken
  1887. Saarland
  1888. Sachsen
  1889. Sacramento
  1890. Safari
  1891. Safari Tanzania
  1892. Saidina
  1893. Saidina Hill & Beach
  1894. Saidina Kuala Lumpur
  1895. Saidina Pulau Pinang
  1896. Saigon
  1897. Saint Etienne
  1898. Salem
  1899. Salt Lake
  1900. Salt Lake City
  1901. Salt Lake City [Stock Block]
  1902. Salt Lake City - Monogamy
  1903. Salvation
  1904. Salzburger Wirtschafts
  1905. San Antonio
  1906. San Antonio (MyCityOpoly)
  1907. San Antonio Spurs
  1908. San Diego
  1909. San Diego [Stock Block]
  1910. San Francisco
  1911. San Fransisco [Stock Block]
  1912. San Francisco Giants
  1913. San Francisco Historic
  1914. San Jose
  1915. Sandusky
  1916. Sandy Bay
  1917. Santa Barbara
  1918. Santa Catalina Island
  1919. Santa Fe
  1920. Santiago, Chile
  1921. Sao Paulo
  1922. Saskatchewan
  1923. Saskatoon
  1924. Sauerland
  1925. Sault Ste. Marie
  1926. SBB Immobillien SFF Immobillier
  1927. SCHEELS
  1928. Schiphol
  1929. Schleswig-Holstein
  1930. Schroders
  1931. Schwabing
  1932. Schwabisch Hall
  1933. Schwabische Alb
  1934. Schwaebische Alb
  1935. Schwarzwald
  1936. Schweinfurt
  1937. Scituate
  1938. Scooby-Doo
  1939. Scooby-Doo Fright Fest
  1940. Scotland
  1941. Scranton
  1942. SCS (St. Claire Shores)
  1943. Scuba
  1944. Seattle
  1945. Seattle [Stock Block]
  1946. Seattle Mariners
  1947. Seattle Seahawks
  1948. Seaworld
  1949. Seine-Saint-Denis
  1950. Seinfeld
  1951. Semant
  1952. Sephora
  1953. Sesame Street 35th Anniversary
  1954. Seville
  1955. Sex
  1956. Sex Imperium
  1957. Shalom
  1958. Shanghai
  1959. Sharon
  1960. Sharp Solar
  1961. Shawnee
  1962. Sheboygan Road America
  1963. Sheffield
  1964. Sheffield Shares
  1965. Shenandoah
  1966. Shenandoah (The Game of)
  1967. Sheraton
  1968. Shih Tzu
  1969. Shrek
  1970. Show-Me
  1971. Sidney Mobell
  1972. Siegburg
  1973. Siegen
  1974. Sigma Chi
  1975. Sikeston
  1976. Silicon Valley
  1977. Simcoe
  1978. Simonds
  1979. Simpsons
  1980. Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors
  1981. Sims, The
  1982. Simsbury
  1983. Sin City
  1984. Sindelfingen
  1985. Singapore
  1986. Singapore "Lion"
  1987. Singapore "Lotus"
  1988. SixFlags
  1989. Skan
  1990. Skandia Maklarna
  1991. Skinle
  1992. Skylanders
  1993. Skyanders (2014)
  1994. Skyrim
  1995. S.L.O.
  1996. Slovakia
  1997. Slovenia
  1998. Snap-on Screwdrivers
  1999. Snap-on Tool
  2000. Snohomish County
  2001. Snoopy
  2002. Snoopy It's a Dog's Life
  2003. Snowboarding
  2004. Snowman
  2005. Soester
  2006. Sofia the First
  2007. Solarquest Apollo 13
  2008. Solingen
  2009. Somerset County
  2010. Son
  2011. Sonic the Hedgehog
  2012. Sonora
  2013. Sooner
  2014. Sopron
  2015. South Africa 1963
  2016. South Africa 2002
  2017. South America
  2018. South Australian Charity
  2019. South Carolina
  2020. South Carolina State
  2021. South Kingston
  2022. South Korea
  2023. South Orange
  2024. South Park
  2025. South Philly
  2026. South Tampa
  2027. Southampton
  2028. Southwold (Reydon & Walberswick)
  2029. Space
  2030. Space Estate
  2031. Space Express, King of Hotel
  2032. Spacer
  2033. Spade Town
  2034. Spanish
  2035. Sparta
  2036. Spartan
  2037. Spelman
  2038. Speyer
  2039. Spider-Man
  2040. Spider-Man (2002)
  2041. Spider-Man 3
  2042. Spin
  2043. Spokane
  2044. Spokane [Stock Block]
  2045. Spongebob Squarepants
  2046. Sporting Clube de Portugal
  2047. Sports
  2048. Spring Lake
  2049. Springfield
  2050. Spruce Grove
  2051. St Albert
  2052. St Catharines
  2053. St John's
  2054. St Joseph
  2055. St Lawrence River
  2056. St Louis
  2057. St Louis (in a Box)
  2058. St Louis Cardinals
  2059. St Louis Cardinals World Series
  2060. St Louis Rams
  2061. St Louis Rams Championship 2000
  2062. St Mawes
  2063. Stamford
  2064. Stan
  2065. Stanford
  2066. Star Trek
  2067. Star Trek (11)
  2068. Star Trek Continuum
  2069. Star Trek Limited
  2070. Star Trek The Next Generation
  2071. Star Wars classic trilogy
  2072. Star Wars anniversary
  2073. Star Wars Episode 1
  2074. Star Wars Episode II
  2075. Star Wars Limited
  2076. Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  2077. Star Wars: The Saga
  2078. Stargate
  2079. Starpoint
  2080. Stash
  2081. State of Utah
  2082. Staten
  2083. Statesville
  2084. Stavanger
  2085. Stawar
  2086. Steiermark
  2087. Steven's Point
  2088. Stibbe
  2089. Stitch
  2090. Stock Exchange
  2091. Stockholm
  2092. Stoke-on-Trent
  2093. Stoner City
  2094. Stowe School
  2095. Strasbourg
  2096. Straubing
  2097. Street Fighter
  2098. Stripp
  2099. Stroudsburg
  2100. Stupid
  2101. Stuttgart
  2102. SUD
  2103. Sudbury
  2104. Sugar Land
  2105. Summer
  2106. Sun-Maid
  2107. Sunderland
  2108. Sunderland AFC
  2109. Sunnyside
  2110. Sunriver
  2111. Sunterra
  2112. Suomi
  2113. Super
  2114. Super Bowl XL (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  2115. Super Bowl XXXII
  2116. Super Deluxe
  2117. Super Greek
  2118. Supercheap Auto
  2119. Superman
  2120. Superman Returns
  2121. Supply Chain
  2122. Surfing
  2123. Survival
  2124. Suske en Wiske
  2125. Sverige
  2126. Swansea
  2127. Sweden
  2128. Swindon
  2129. Switzerland
  2130. Switzerland Deluxe
  2131. Sydney
  2132. Sylt
  2133. Syracuse
  2134. Syria
  2135. Szeged
  2136. Székesfehérvár
  2137. Szolnok
  2138. Szombathely
  2139. Taiwan
  2140. Take
  2141. Tallinn
  2142. Tampa
  2143. Tampa Bay
  2144. Tampa Tycoon
  2145. Tampere
  2146. Target
  2147. Tauton Deane
  2148. Team Great Britain (2012 Olympics)
  2149. Tech
  2150. Techno
  2151. Tecumseh
  2152. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  2153. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Retro
  2154. Tehran
  2155. Temple
  2156. Tenessee
  2157. Tenessee Volunteers
  2158. Ter
  2159. Terp
  2160. Tewksbury
  2161. Tex
  2162. Texas
  2163. Texas Tech
  2164. Thailand
  2165. Thanet
  2166. The '60s
  2167. The '70s
  2168. The Aviation Collector's
  2169. The Bay Area
  2170. The Beatles
  2171. The Beatles Yellow Submarine
  2172. The Best of Northampton
  2173. The Big Bang Theory
  2174. The Byrnecut Group (Mining)
  2175. The Chronicles of Narnia
  2176. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspia
  2177. The Doom That Came To Atlantic City
  2178. The Godfather
  2179. The Grain Game
  2180. The Greatest Beaver County Game
  2181. The Green Earth
  2182. The Hague
  2183. The Hobbit
  2184. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
  2185. The Landlord's Game
  2186. The Legend of Zelda
  2187. The Lincoln Challenge (YMCA)
  2188. The Mob
  2189. The National Gallery (UK)
  2190. The National Trust (UK)
  2191. The Office 
  2192. The Outer Banks
  2193. The Rolling Stones
  2194. The Smurfs
  2195. The United Game
  2196. The Woodlands
  2197. There's No Place Like Rome
  2198. Thessalonica (Θεσσαλονίκη)
  2199. Thomas Cook
  2200. Thomaston
  2201. Three Kingdoms
  2202. Three Stooges
  2203. Three Trains
  2204. Thug
  2205. Thunder Bay
  2206. Thunderbird 50th
  2207. Thunderbirds
  2208. Thuringen
  2209. Tiers-Mondo
  2210. Tim (Hortons) 
  2211. Tijuan
  2212. Timmins
  2213. Tirol
  2214. TLN
  2215. Tokyo
  2216. Toledo
  2217. Topeka
  2218. Torbay
  2219. Toronto
  2220. Toronto [Stock Block]
  2221. Toto
  2222. Tottenham Hotspur
  2223. Toulon
  2224. Toulouse
  2225. Tour de Saar
  2226. Touraine
  2227. Tours
  2228. Toys "R" Us 50th
  2229. Toys"R"Us: NY Times Square
  2230. Transformers
  2231. Transformers II
  2232. Transformers Retro
  2233. Transport en Logistiek
  2234. Traunreut
  2235. Traunstein
  2236. Trend Wirtschafts
  2237. Tri
  2238. Tri-Aktiv
  2239. Tri-Towns
  2240. Trier
  2241. Trinidopoly, Historical Buildings
  2242. Trio
  2243. Tron
  2244. Tropical Tycoon
  2245. Troy
  2246. Troyes
  2247. Truc
  2248. Truckee
  2249. Trump
  2250. Try
  2251. Tubingen
  2252. Tucson
  2253. Tulsa
  2254. Tumwater
  2255. Tunisia
  2256. Tuolumne County
  2257. Turista, Disneyland
  2258. Turista Internacional
  2259. Turista Mundial
  2260. Turista Mundial Chico
  2261. Turista Mundial Grande
  2262. Turista Nacional
  2263. Turkish
  2264. Turku
  2265. Turtle
  2266. Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs
  2267. TV
  2268. Twas the Night Before Christmas
  2269. Twin Cities
  2270. Twin Cities [Stock Block]
  2271. Two Rivers, Wisconsin
  2272. Tycoon
  2273. U.C.
  2274. U Dub
  2275. U.K.
  2276. U.K. Millennium
  2277. U.K. Nostalgia
  2278. U.S.A. [Stock Block]
  2279. U.S. Air Force
  2280. U.S. Army
  2281. U.S. Coast Guard
  2282. U.S. Marines
  2283. U.S. Navy 1998
  2284. U.S. Navy 2006
  2285. U of L
  2286. U.S. Space Program
  2287. U.S.C.
  2288. U-Build
  2289. UCLA
  2290. UConn
  2291. UCSD
  2292. UK Electronic Banking
  2293. Ulm/Neu-Ulm
  2294. Ultimate James Bond
  2295. Ultimate Rhode Island
  2296. Ultraman
  2297. Umass
  2298. Umpqua
  2299. UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Mexico)
  2300. Union Trust (Maine Dept of Conservation)
  2301. UnionPacific
  2302. Uniquely Singapore
  2303. Unit4 Business Software
  2304. United Way of Massachusetts Bay
  2305. University of Leeds
  2306. University of Newcastle Upon Tyre
  2307. UPS
  2308. Urbandale
  2309. URI
  2310. Uruguay
  2311. USA Greatest Cities
  2312. Utah
  2313. Utah (State)
  2314. Utrecht
  2315. Uusi Finanssi
  2316. UVA
  2317. Uxbridge
  2318. V8 Supercars Australian Charity
  2319. VA Tech
  2320. Vác
  2321. Valencia
  2322. Valenciennes
  2323. Vallejo
  2324. Valley Center
  2325. Vallo
  2326. Vancouver
  2327. Vancouver [Stock Block]
  2328. Vancouver Island
  2329. Vaughan
  2330. Vegan
  2331. Vegas
  2332. Vendee
  2333. Venezuela
  2334. Verkeersvliegers
  2335. Versailles
  2336. Verzetsstrijders
  2337. Veszprém
  2338. VFG
  2339. Victorian (Melbourne)
  2340. Villingen Schwenningen
  2341. Vine
  2342. Vienna (VA)
  2343. Vienna (Wien)
  2344. Vigo
  2345. Vintage Game Collection
  2346. Virgin Money
  2347. Virginia
  2348. Virginia Beach
  2349. Virginia State
  2350. Virginia State Parks
  2351. Virginia University
  2352. Visit South Walton
  2353. Vita Vera
  2354. VM Upplagan Frankrike 98
  2355. VNV
  2356. Vodafone
  2357. Vol
  2358. Volkswagen
  2359. Vom Niederrhein ins Bergische Land
  2360. Voralberg
  2361. Vyapar
  2362. W. R. Berkley
  2363. Waco
  2364. Waddingtons Standard
  2365. Waffle
  2366. WAGs
  2367. Wake Forest
  2368. Wakulla
  2369. Wal*Mart Retro
  2370. Wales-Cymru
  2371. Walk
  2372. Walking Dead Survival
  2373. WalleyeCapital
  2374. Wangerooge
  2375. War: A New Concept in War Games
  2376. War Scrap
  2377. Warsaw
  2378. Wartime (w/spinner)
  2379. Washington
  2380. Washington D.C.
  2381. Washington D.C. [Stock Block]
  2382. Washington State
  2383. Washington Redskins
  2384. Waterloo / Cedar Falls
  2385. Watford Grammar School for Boys
  2386. Waukesha County
  2387. Wazzu
  2388. Wedding
  2389. Weilheim
  2390. Wellingborough
  2391. Wereldhave
  2392. Wesel
  2393. West Coast Eagles FC
  2394. West Edmonton Mall
  2395. West Ham United
  2396. West Hartford
  2397. West Highland Terrier (Westie)
  2398. West Point
  2399. West Virginia
  2400. West Virginia State Parks and Forests
  2401. Western Australian Charity
  2402. Westfield
  2403. Westlake
  2404. Westie
  2405. Weymouth & Portland
  2406. White Flint
  2407. Whitehorse
  2408. Whitetail
  2409. Whittier
  2410. Who Can beat Nixon
  2411. Whoville
  2412. Wichita
  2413. Wien
  2414. Wiesbaden
  2415. Wigan
  2416. Wight
  2417. Wild Animal
  2418. Wild Turkey
  2419. Wildcat
  2420. Wildcatter 
  2421. Wildwood
  2422. Wilkes-Barre
  2423. William & Mary
  2424. Williamstown
  2425. Williston
  2426. Wimbledon
  2427. Windsor
  2428. Wine
  2429. Winnie the Pooh
  2430. Winnipeg
  2431. Winnipeg [Stock Block]
  2432. Winston-Salem
  2433. Wirtschafts
  2434. Wisconsin
  2435. Wisconsin Dells
  2436. Wisconsin State
  2437. Wismar
  2438. Witten
  2439. Wizard of Oz
  2440. Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary
  2441. WM Fussball
  2442. Woerkum
  2443. Wolfsburg
  2444. Wolverhampton
  2445. Wonders of the World
  2446. woot
  2447. Worcester
  2448. World
  2449. World (edition)
  2450. World Cup France 98
  2451. World Cup 2006
  2452. World Cup Brasil 2014 (Copa Mundial)
  2453. World Dredging
  2454. World Express, King of Hotel
  2455. World Football
  2456. World of Warcraft
  2457. Worms
  2458. Wrigley 100 years
  2459. Wuppertal
  2460. Wurzburg
  2461. WW II
  2462. WWE
  2463. Wyland Underwater World
  2464. X-Men
  2465. XXX
  2466. Y's Investments
  2467. Ya Gymraeg
  2468. Yakima, Washington
  2469. Yale
  2470. Yankton
  2471. Yellow Tail
  2472. Yemen
  2473. Yeo Valley
  2474. Yerington
  2475. Yn Gymraeg
  2476. Yokohama
  2477. Yonkers
  2478. Yoop
  2479. York
  2480. Yorkie
  2481. Yorkshire
  2482. Yorkshire Building Society
  2483. YS
  2484. Yukon
  2485. Zack
  2486. Zag
  2487. Zalaegerszeg
  2488. Zanesville
  2489. Zapped
  2490. Zappos.com
  2491. Zaragoza
  2492. Zbawienie
  2493. Zeeuws
  2494. Zeeuwsch-Vlaams
  2495. Zicht op Zaken
  2496. Zontik
  2497. Zurich
  2498. Zwijndrecht
  2499. Zwolle-Noord


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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Weekend Gaming

My daughter taught her cousin and friends how to play Apples to Apples. I joined for a while, but it tends to get repetitive. OK, it was amusing that one of them was tipsy and couldn't stop giggling. They, on the other hand, can play this for hours without getting bored.

She also played Set. I looked on during the first game. Unlike some, I can actually keep my mouth closed while others are playing Set. This wasn't good enough, because my daughter could still tell by my eyes when I found a Set, and this bothered her. I was impressed with her friend's Set finding ability, so I joined the second game and won by a small margin. This was the closest game I'd played in a long time.

Am I bragging? No, not really. Set hits people in a particular area of the brain, and you have it or you don't. There's plenty of other things where I don't; this one I do. Actually, you can probably learn to get better at it if you really care. I'm sure there are plenty of others who could beat me.

Parents who can play well and refuse to "play badly" need to choose the right games to play with their children, so that the kids have a chance of winning once in a while. As the kids improve, the games improve.

Eventually, if they are not spoiled and have not given up playing games because they don't always win, they will start beating you, even at the harder games. This usually happens somewhere in their teens. It's partly due to their having grown up, maybe a little due to you slowing down. But it's fine and good.

Of course, then you have to move to games where you have a chance of winning once in a while.


Friday, February 24, 2006


My daughter tells me that her cousins who are visiting for the weekend "know how to play Settlers". I'm ready for anything.

Meanwhile, here's the top ten "games" over the course of my life, in no particular order:

1. AD&D, 1st edition
A. Magic the Gathering
a. Puerto Rico
i. Cosmic Encounter
I. Soccer
01. Ultimate Flying Disk (Frisbee)
one. Dungeo (Zork's predecessor)
One. Nethack
Alpha. Bridge
Aleph. Settlers of Catan

Wish I could add Go, but I haven't played it enough, yet.

See you on the other side of shabbat.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Session Report

Games played: AD&D 2nd edition, San Marco.

It's really long, and probably full of spelling mistakes, but it's up. It's mostly a role playing adventure, but board gamers will probably enjoy it.


Also, here's another shout out for the excellent Treppenwitz. Do read.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Havoc with Tal

Tal does cause havoc, but we're talking about the two-player game of Havoc by Sunriver Games.

I haven't played this in a while. It's not a top tier game, but it's also better than many second tier games. Maybe it's the perceived amount of luck, strange mechanics compared to the theme, I don't know. It's still a pretty good game.

The game is a little long for a straight filler, but that can be rectified by removing one or two battles from the game. It's not that long, however. Tal and I played the full set in about 50 minutes.

I pulled ahead early by taking the first three battles, while Tal spent her time trying to pull certain cards to make perfect straight flushes and sets of numbers. Apparently this was the right choice, as she took all but two of the remaining battles, and one of those two was removed from the game, unfought.

After round seven I was 3 points behind. The last two battles are six points each (swing), so I had to win both and she only had to win one. She won the last battle with her perfect straight card flush up to the 8 in green, beating my five 1's.


As Long As We're Linking 7

See As Long As We're Linking 6 for more details.

Note that several of the sites in previous ALAWL lists have been, or are in danger of being, removed from my blogroll, as they haven't updated their site in way too long. Also, some of the sites I add are new sites that pop up for one or two posts and then disappear. Get with the program, people.

Also, if you change your feed URL, please notify people on the old feed URL (Critical Gamers, this means you).

In addition to the sites I list here, there are other sites: sites that don't update, sites that have board game content very infrequently and provide no way to RSS by category, promotional sites (blogs containing no information other than new games received in the store), and many sites that deal primarily with war games, classic board games (chess, poker, backgammon, go, and so on), other games, and so forth.

Here's the new sites:

BoardgameCafe.net Community: Session Reports by various people on the BoardgameCafe site. They have a blog feed, too, but no bloggers.

The Games Journal: Greg's posting some article odds and ends as he receives them on The Games Journal site. May be very infrequent.

Have Games Will Travel: I listed the blog by Paul last time, but neglected to add the feed for his game podcast.

Karl CA Wilde: Blackpool, UK. Session reports. Suggest that you set your feed for articles from the board game category only.

Meeple Monologues: Gone Gaming's own sodaklady from South Dakota.

Petworth Game Night: Brian, Washington D.C. A little sparse, but still hoping.

Truth & Strategy: Lance Roberts, Fairbanks, Alaska. From Coldfoot's hometown.


Update: Added 'Peg City Gamers, a blog by Ryan Walberg and others in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Colloquialisms on the Air

I'm not interested in mentioning by name that radio station again, but I heard what I thought were some interesting colloquialisms on the air this morning on the way into work.

The subject: the Darfur conflict, a subject that deserves ten times the media attention that Israel gets, let alone that it has been getting.


The first was something by the correspondent in the field, in response to an on-air correspondent's pointed question:

waka waka blah blah. That's the rub[on-air correspondent's name], blah blah ...

"That's the rub"? Since when did the word "rub" enter into the dictionary as synonymous with "main issue"? I though Shakespeare made it up.

*Type* *Type*

Ah, here it is. According to The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms, "the rub" means "the difficulty":

This expression may come from lawn bowling, where rub refers to an unevenness in the ground that impedes the ball.



The next was from a different correspondent:

waka waka blah blah. Touch wood, they hope to blah blah.

"Touch wood"? Is that like "knock on wood"? Of course, "wood" must refer to "cross". In Yiddish that would be "pooh pooh pooh", the symbolic spitting sounds used to ward off the evil eye.

*Type* *Type*

Dictionary.com does it again, this time by means of Webster's New Millennium™ Dictionary of English. It indeed is meant to ward off evil spirits. Since when do on-air correspondents use idioms like that?


The last one, again by the first correspondent:

waka waka blah blah. The refugees are hemorrhaging across the border into blah blah.

Yikes. An appropriate idiom, indeed.

Too bad I couldn't write while I was driving. I didn't realize the radio people were so idiomatic (1) (2).


(1) In it's third sense here.

(2) Something similar to "idiomatic" I already realized.

Monday, February 20, 2006


I feel like someone should be calling gotcha on DW's latest article. C'mon guys: It's the king of ranters ranting about people who rant. Get it?

I received an email today from a Helena Kling of The Educational Centre for Games in Israel (or possibly The Heritage Centre for Games and Toys in Israel). They are based in Tel Aviv. It is some organization that has been promoting games and toys in Israel for 25 years. Strange that I haven't heard of it.

One of the reasons must be that the focus has been on "games and toys" and the implicit understanding of the foundation that assumes interest only from children and grandparents. The only games they know appear to be typical games from Kodkod (the only large Israeli games producer, makers of Rummikub) and classic pre-1970 games. Also, Helena only speaks English, which must be a problem. I speak Hebrew poorly and it is a barrier for me in reaching out to Hebrew speakers.

They appear to be underfunded, so I can't say I blame them too much. In any case, I know that Gilad, who is trying to start a Board Gaming organization in Israel (Hebrew speaking), is looking for a place to play in Tel Aviv, and Helena sounded enthusiastic about hosting his group, so maybe the connection will work out.

In other news, I bought a used copy of Queries and Theories from someone on the Jerusalem mailing list. It is an old game about logic and natural language. Some of you computer geeks may remember that languages are formed by sentences (such as A, PQ, and ABG) and rules (such as P -> BA). In the preceding example, we know that BAQ is a legal sentence in the language because it can be formed by some combination of the sentences and the rules.

You are supposed to guess the language; that's all I know so far. The game consists of a bunch of colored chips, a mat, and a 50 page rulebook in itsy print. I suspect that this rulebook could probably be rewritten as 8 colored glossy pages with pictures, but I wouldn't complain about the rules with DW around to scold me. Hee hee.

I think my son Saarya might enjoy playing it, as he is learning logic and computers in his ninth grade science high school class, and he likes games.

I also got the first three books of Pratchett's Diskworld series in pristine condition. The person selling me the game was getting rid of them, so I bought them, too. If you want them, make me an offer.


50 steps to a healthy gaming life

Inspired by this post by Better Me, I decided to make a checklist for healthy board gaming ...

By a "healthy gaming life", I don't mean just "a healthy life", or a "gaming life", but a synergy of both. Therefore, a certain amount of obsession is implied. A life full of gaming that is also still healthy. If this is not your intent, then the list doesn't apply to you. See the comments for more details.

Your stuff:
  • I am aware of all of the games that I own.
  • I have played all of the games that I own.
  • I don't own any games that I have no realistic plan on playing in the future. I don't own any games just for nostalgia. All of my games are fun to play, right now.
  • I own or have easy access to all of the games that I like to play.
  • My games are kept in a safe and dry location, in an organized manner.
  • All of my games have all of their pieces. None of the cards or pieces are marked or broken.
  • All of the components to my games are in their right location, and are not mixed with other games or under the couch.
  • All items in my games work properly, such as spinners or towers.
  • All of the boxes to my games are intact and sturdy.
  • All of my games contain rules in my native language or a language I can read easily.
  • I do not play with games if the parts were acquired by means of copyright violations.
  • I put away one game before taking out another, unless many people are over and playing simultaneously, or unless I have a designated area to store a long game such as a monster war-game.
  • My game collection is not obtrusive, and does not interfere with the functions of the house or the room in which they are stored.
  • I have a well-lit, uncluttered, and healthy place to play games. This place has access to fresh air, natural light, and a bathroom with a sink.
  • I have enough chairs for all players, and these chairs are comfortable.
Your self:
  • I don't overindulge in caffeine or sugar.
  • I exercise a few times every week and I don't watch much television.
  • Games do not take up more than 1/3 of my waking hours, unless I am involved with them professionally.
  • I read or write general articles about tech, math, or game strategy, as well as about games that I play.
  • I can effectively teach all games that I play.
  • I make a reasonable effort to win games while I'm playing them. If I'm playing with children or sensitive people, I still try to win, but I give advise to help them as well.
  • I really don't mind losing, since I find the game enjoyable for the experience.
  • I am a good winner, because I don't think that any of my opponent's are inherently incapable of doing whatever I did to win; it just clicked. I make other people feel good about specific plays that they did after the game, or I point out how the loss wasn't really under their control due to some random event, when appropriate. And I mean it.
  • I never cheat, and if I gain inadvertent information, I either don't use it or I disclose the fact to my opponents.
  • I never play with an agenda in mind. I don't try to humiliate my opponents. I don't carry grudges. I play for the shared enjoyable experience with my opponents, aware that both/all of us have to work together to achieve it.
  • I don't whine or use other means of coercion during game play.
  • I do not argue about rules during the game. I assume a ruling is unfavorable to my position before asking a question about rules.
  • I assume that actions are not permitted unless otherwise specified.
  • I do not favor an opponent when I can't win. I have a kingmaking code to which I follow in this situation (pick one or more:play for placing; play for max points; play for min point differential with leader; play for sub-goal; try a wild strategy that has at least some possibility of success; passively try not to affect the outcome and wait for the next game).
  • I play reasonably quickly, think only as long as acceptable given the spirit of the game, and do not hurry others to make their moves.
  • I maintain a record of my games and seek to improve my play in these games.
  • I am open to playing both games that I have already played and new games.
You and others:
  • I share my love for boardgaming with other people.
  • I play with my spouse or significant other.
  • I play with my children or parents.
  • At least some of my friends play games with me.
  • I do not use games as an excuse to cause distance between me and anyone else.
  • I do not play or suggest playing games when it will cause a fight of any sort.
  • I belong to and regularly attend a weekly game group.
  • I contribute to the game group more than just my attendance, such as organization, snacks, games, recording sessions, and/or cleaning up.
  • I ensure that all players feel welcome where I play, and I don't only talk to my close friends.
  • I give minimal strategy advice to new players, and otherwise only when asked. I never give misleading advice.
  • I politely decline to play games in which I am not interested.
  • I politely request to play games in which I am interested, unless I already know that other players don't want to play them.
  • I do not quit games in which I am losing, except for two player games where I politely offer to resign, but will continue if I think my opponent doesn't want me to.
  • I do not request takebacks that annoy other people. I let others take back their moves whenever possible so as to ensure they continue to enjoy the game.
  • I maintain a clean and healthy body and ensure that other players are not offended by my personal grooming or manners.
  • I am equally respectful to all people at a club, regardless of sex, race, age, or physical disability.
  • I prefer not to play than to get into an argument.
  • I do not gossip about other players or ridicule moves made by other people, even when they are not present.
Your initial score:

Score yourself again in two months and every six months.

Happy Gaming,

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Anti-climactic Game Endings

This is what happens when you track too many blogs. Someone started a discussion about board games that peter out with anti-climactic endings, but I can't remember who. I search back a week in bloglines to no avail.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to add a confirmation of this phenomenon. Lately, even some excellent games seem to end with a dawning slow realization that the game is over slightly before it should be.


Power Grid. It comes down to some positioning that happens a few rounds before the last. Even if you don't realize this until the last round, once the person with the most plant capacity has built an equivalent amount of cities, everyone else just tosses their cards in without finishing the round. Bleah.

Maharaja. Similar situation. Someone pulls ahead in palaces and then the last three rounds are useless attempts to catch up, since the leader probably has enough money already to drop the last palaces, and it is really difficult to stop this. Again, cards are figuratively tossed in at the beginning of the last round, rather than finishing out the round.

Taj Mahal. Another major offender in runaway leader, if the lead is far enough.

In extreme cases of Settlers of Catan this can also happen, but generally speaking with enough lucky dice and a trade embargo it always remains possible to catch up. In Puerto Rico, you may know that you've lost, but the two leading players almost never know who has won.

So what is wrong here? What is the pattern?

In Power Grid, it's that there is no hidden scoring. In Maharaja, not only is there no hidden scoring, the victory condition is just too easy to fulfill once you are leading. In Taj, it's that there are not enough points to earn each round, even with the hand points (a poor attempt to add hidden points to the game, in my opinion).

There's no pattern. It's just a slight negative feature of otherwise great games. You would think that they could have gone back to the drawing board and added something to fix this, but either it didn't matter enough to them to fix, or they didn't consider it a problem.

Whatever it is, now that it has been pointed out, it bothers me. Don't you hate when that happens?


More on Linkposts

I tend to avoid a lot of the "best" blogs because they are filled with a whole lot of posts that are just links to other blogs (I call these "Linkpost" blogs). It's information overload and most of the information is highly time-wasting and irrelevant.

With their emphasis on traffic and the "wow-factor", it can feel a whole lot like hype. "This is cool! And so is this!" over and over. Like staring at an infomercial for too long, until you begin to realize that there's nothing behind the smoke and mirrors.

Occasionally something cool does pop up. Unfortunately, what each person considers "cool" is so widely varied that any attempt to consolidate it is doomed to failure.

Linkpost sites are no more than collections of what one person, or a few people, think is cool on other sites. I don't consider all the stuff in Boing Boing or Engadget cool; just a fraction of it, about the same amount I consider cool when I read the original sites themselves. What you need is a list of what is REALLY cool in all of these cool linkpost sites.

I'm sure you realize where this is heading. I make a list of what I think is cool from all of these sites. So do a hundred other people. Nobody agrees exactly with what one particular person finds cool, so after reading all of the summaries someone condenses all of the summaries, and so on.

All you can really do is flock around people whose ideas of cool match yours to a slightly higher percentage than what is typical.

Aside from game sites, one linkpost site that hits cool for me is Techdirt. I don't always agree with their assessments, but the topics are about what I want to see covered.

Another one that I discovered recently that is just inside my radar is lifehacker. It slips in and out, actually. Sometimes I'm just about to stop following it because it is wasting my time, and then it comes up with a few good articles. Two of the latest ones it linked to are Conversational Terrorism, an article about the unethical language we use to "win" conversations, and Are you ready to clean up your life?, one version of a checklist containing important steps to create a healthy lifestyle. I am considering adapting the latter article to create one for the gaming community.

I am far more enthusiastic about sites that actually have content. It's like listening to an original album by an artist, rather than to the greatest hits of the seventies.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Weekend Gaming

For lunch we had a woman and two of her three children. I don't know why so many people we have over are divorced women with children; something about our social circle.

This one was a very old friend of my wife's. She was married to a gamer who once left me a large bag of Magic cards when we stayed at their apt in New York. Apparently he is also in Israel for the year. I invited him for Wed night games but haven't yet heard back from him.

Where was I?

So she came with her two kids, ages 10 and 13. After lunch, while she and Rachel discussed Pseudopigrapha and such stuff, I played Settlers with the kids. They took to it pretty well.

Settlers is one of those games that is just complicated enough that it is hard to teach all of the rules in one go before people's eyes begin to glaze over. Leave out the development cards or the robber and you could do it. Also, the setup phase also tends to confuse people. With some people you have to start playing a bit and then tell them about the cards.

I am extremely well versed in teaching Settlers, so I generally do teach it all at once, anyway. These kids were very bright and didn't have a problem. Their previous game experiences included Risk as well as most other board games.

Of course, the dice were screwy, but they got into it anyway. The ten year old boy won (with a little assistance of showing him how to build settlements) which was great. Both of them liked the game.

I decided to go read some Dragon magazine issues for ideas for the upcoming game, so I left them playing Yinsh. They seemed to get it, but when I came out to check on them I found out that they had disagreed over which ring they had to remove and had prematurely ended the game. A little while later they were playing Settlers with their mother.

She wanted to know if I take a commission in selling the game.


Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Bump in the Road

I would just like to give a shout out to the guy or gal who came up with the idea of having visitors to a website pay to not see ads. The idea is based on the following premise:

The people who have money, or are willing to spend money, do not see advertisements. The people who don't have money, or are not willing to spend money, see advertisements.

What a brilliant concept. I expect this idea to have a long lifespan.


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Meanwhile, Out in the Field

Captain Martin squinted through the dusty binocular lenses, trying to ascertain the enemy's activities. Four weeks of hard traveling and he was ready to engage his enemy. Martin was a military man through and through. He didn't serve because it paid well, because it was honorable, or because he had nothing better to do.

Martin's grizzled gray hair dripped water beneath his battered gray helmet. He lowered the binoculars, and reflected. He knew why he served. He served because he loved the taste of combat. This was his element.

Around him his men were setting up, building fortifications, and scouting around for the resources needed to prepare for the coming conflict. He surveyed the proceedings with a grim eye.

"Sergeant Trent, front and center!" he bellowed.

Sergeant Trent appeared before the Captain and gave a crisp salute.

"Yes, sir!" yelled Trent.

Martin commanded, "The enemy is trying to dig something up. I want you to take a crack squad of four men and blow up their position."

"No, sir!" replied sergeant Trent.

"What the ... Sergeant, that was an order! What the Hell is wrong with you?"

"Sir, sorry, sir! We are not allowed to engage in direct confrontation with the enemy, sir!"

"Not allowed .. What? What the Hell are you talking about, Sergeant? Not allowed to confront the enemy? That's ridiculous!"

"Yes, sir! No direct confrontations, sir!"

"Well, what the Hell are we supposed to do, wave at them?" asked the Captain.

"Sir, we are digging our own water supplies, as is the enemy! If we work hard, we can dig more water supplies faster than the enemy. If we have more water, we win."

The Captain stared at his sergeant as if he was seeing his left foot for the first time. "What!? What do we need more water for? We've already got enough! And how is having more water than our enemy going to win this war!?"

"Sir, not just more water!" Trent replied. "Let's see," he looked up and began ticking off on his fingers, "We need more water, more dirt, and more wood, and then we trade the dirt and wood to get bricks! Or we can use the wood to get paper which we can use to write to HQ for another shovel. That will let us dig even more water. See?" he beamed happily.

"What!" barked the Captain. "What are you talking about? We have to kill the enemy, not drink water!"

"Well, sir," answered Trent, somewhat embarrassed, "you know that the better supplied army is going to win, isn't it? That's why we need to get more supplies than they do!" And he smiled.

"Trent, I don't give a goddamn hoot nor holler about water, shovels, or dirt! Just take some men and go blow up that ... what the Hell is this!?"

An enemy soldier walked past Martin and Trent with a shovel and began digging in the ground. The rest of his men were laughing and joking and carrying on with their work.

"What the Hell is going on here?!" He fumbled for his gun. Trent lay a hand down on his arm. The Captain went wide eyed, struggled for a moment, and then gave up, staring at the sergeant.

"Uh, uh, Captain, sir. No direct confrontation, remember? He's just digging here for water, like the rest of us."

"What the Hell is he doing here? What's he doing in our position? How did he get into our position?"

"Well, Captain, I learned that it is best not to think of any particular position as 'ours' or 'theirs', you know? What's important is that you are constantly looking around for the best position at any given moment."

The Captain was looking rather green. "How did he get in here? What's happening with our fortifications?"

He looked around and saw his fortifications halfway built. There was another enemy soldier standing on top of one of the walls building it up. Right next to him was one of his soldiers, just standing around doing nothing.

"What the Hell are you doing?" he yelled up at his soldier. "What's that guy doing here?"

"We built up a few pieces of the wall, and then this other guy climbed up and began building some more on top of what we built," yelled his soldier from on top of the wall.

Trent added, "Don't think of it as 'our' wall sir, like I told you before."

"Well why is our man just doing nothing?" the Captain asked in bewilderment.

Trent answered, "He needs to get to the other side of the enemy guy, but he can't pass him."

"Can't pass him?! The damn wall is five feet wide! Just go around!"

"Sorry, sir. Our man just has to wait for the other guy to move. He's not allowed to go around. Hmmm. He might be able to come down on this side of the wall, walk around to the other side, and then climb back up. That will probably take a few days, however."

Meanwhile, a contingent of enemy soldiers had walked up to his canteen. After some exchange, the soldiers handed the guy in the canteen a cordon of wood and in return received a barrel of water.

"What's going on? Why are we giving them water, sergeant? You told me we needed to have more water than them to win the war!"

"Oh, we have enough water. We have a good water supply. We're trading water with them for wood."

"But we're helping the enemy! You don't trade with the enemy!"

"Well," answered the sergeant slowly, "we are helping them, true, but we do need the wood, and both of us are gaining over that third enemy over on the other hill."

The Captain's grizzled face began to turned purple. He jumped up and down and began screaming "Sergeant!!! What the Hell is going on here!? I came here to fight a damn war, and I'm going to fight a damn war!!!"

Trent traced a circle in the ground with his foot. "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to stop shouting at me. That could be considered confrontational, you know."

Huffing and puffing the Captain slowly regained his composure. He hung his head in defeat, staring at the ground with a small tear slowly running down his face. He wore the look of a beaten man.

"Sergeant," he choked. "Sergeant, I give up. I'm going to go back to my tent to turn on my computer and play war games. It seems to be the only way I'm going to be able to experience any combat around here."

"Sir, I'm afraid you can't do that, sir."

"I can't?" asked the Captain, wearily.

"No, sir."

"Well, what can I do?"

The Sergeant took out something front his breast pocket and fanned it out in front of the Captain.

"Pick a card."

Some old postings of mine from Usenet


An acronym dictionary

Quick code to add callbacks into Net::FTP in perl.

A post of mine in 1994 questioning the sanity of propagating virus alerts via Internet. I was one of the first to catch this problem. It was related to the very first virus alert hoax, Good times.


CE Superpowers

My early attempt at fun Magic comboes: Stormbind/Whiteout

I actually commented on the entire Stronghold expansion

I get persnickety after Hasbro announces it is taking over Wizards of the Coast.

My first attempt at a completely new game posted. Not a good game, since there is a forced stalemate.

3e D&D Elementalists and here. And additional elements, too.

How to succeed using cursed items


RAP UP 1: where I attempt to provide a weekly wrap up on poems I found interesting on rec.arts.poetry. I stopped after four postings due to complaints about copyrights.

My Microwave poem

Monday, February 13, 2006

2 Player Power Grid

Today was the last day before I start a new job, and also Tu B'Shvat, a Jewish holiday for planting trees.

Many kids go on field trips to plant trees, either through school or with youth groups. I let Tal skip school and we went hiking. Long story short, we hiked around the Ein Gedi area near the Dead Sea. In the evening I brought Saarya home from school and we ended up playing two player Power Grid.

The game works pretty well for two players. Saarya started with some extra cities, but eventually the good prices slowed him down. Coal and oil kept being used faster than they could be replaced and they eventually ran out each round by the first person to pick them. Neither of us could get a nuclear plant running until nuclear fuel had already hit a cost of 1.

The problem was for the person with more cities who couldn't power them because he had no fuel - that was me. I saw this problem coming two rounds earlier and tried to switch to alternate plants of garbage and nuclear but couldn't do it early enough.

Saarya built to and powered 21 cities while I only had 3 plants operating and powering 16 cities.

There you have it. The trick is to work back early enough from the end game to see where that point is that you can establish a victory by running your opponent out of fuel. Of course, it is always possible that other 2 player games will go differently; this was only the first time I tried it.

Quite fun.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

The State of Games in Israel: FoxMind Games

Every once in a while I browse through the Israeli game stores looking for new products. Last time I found Ingenious and some other abstracts, like Travel Blokus, Gobblet, and Batik.

This time, in addition to the usual Haim Shafir line of card games, I found a line of FoxMind card games that looked familiar. I didn't write them down because I figured I would just look on FoxMind's site when I got home to remember them.

Strangely enough, none of the games are on FoxMind's site. In fact, when you look at the site (www.foxmind.com) in English you see one set of games, and when you look in French you see a different set of games. On BGG, only three games are listed from FoxMind. I know it's the right company because I recognize the fox logo.

This must be one of those weird country distribution sector business thingies, wherein they won the rights to publish certain games in some countries but not in other countries. Maybe the French will boycott them if they know that the company sells games in Israel, so Israel-only distributed games are not listed on the site. (It wouldn't be the first time.) Could be some more mundane reason, of course.

I'll see if I can pick up a list of these games next time I go.


How to Ruin Your Son's Computer Games

Something like the following happened this evening...

Eitan (16 yo son) fiddles with the computer and the voice of a Roman emperor is heard.

RE (loud and passionate): Your warriors are in position! The day of battle draws near!

Me: Boy this guy sounds angry.

Tal (12 yo daughter): Yeah, he does, doesn't he?

Eitan: Hey, be quiet, I'm listening to this.

RE: With blood and fire, steel and muscle you will drive your enemies before you and destroy them!

Me (moving over to computer): He's got issues. Listen to all that violence.

Tal (moving over to computer): He probably wasn't loved as a child.

Ariella (17 yo daughter, moving over to computer): Maybe he broke a nail.

Eitan: Will you guys shut up, I want to hear this.

RE: They will fall before the might of your glorious legionnaires! You shall make Rome whole again, oh mighty emperor!

Me: He really ought to get some therapy and deal with those anger issues.

Tal: You don't want to keep those feelings all bottled up inside. It could be dangerous.

Ariella: He could hurt someone, or himself.

Eitan: Come on guys! I can't hear what he's saying!

RE: Nothing will stand in your way! Your forces are the mightiest on Earth!

Me: Wow. Maybe he had a hard day. The guy should learn to relax.

Tal: He could use a good cup of cocoa and a warm bath.

Ariella: Maybe a massage. He sounds tense.

Eitan: That's not funny, just shut up!

RE: With a mighty trumpet and a swinging sword you shall conquer all and be victorious!

Me: I wonder if his family knows the problems he's been having at work.

Tal: Poor guy. A massage, or maybe ... oh wait I know!

Ariella: Yes! Yes! He needs ...

Eitan (puts his head in his hands)

RE: All hail oh mighty emperor!

Me, Tal, and Ariella (holding out our hands): A MAKEOVER!

Eitan: Crap, I can't play this anymore. (shuts off game, gets up, and walks away).


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Weekend Gaming

This was a full weekend of gaming, for me. Saarya and Tal were both here for the weekend, which only happens once every three weeks.

Our guests for dinner were Zeke, who comes occasionally to the Wed night games, and his mother Mindy. Zeke is about 14 years old, by the way.

After dinner, Zeke, Mindy, Saarya, Tal and I played Zug im Zug, otherwise known as Ticket to Ride. I had played TtR:Europe at BGG.con and was hoping that this could be a game that both Tal and Saarya could enjoy. Net reaction: it's ok. Maybe we are spoiled from five years of gaming already, having broken our teeth on Settlers and Cities and Knights and so on, but TtR is not quite deep enough for us, at least on first playing.

I will say this: it is a very elegant game. It combines a very few rules for a complete game experience. There are just the right amount of decisions to be made on your turn, but not too many. And all with very few rules to the game. Add to that some nifty pieces, an educational map, and you're good to go.

However, it lacks a bit. Since you don't really know what other people need to do, blocking them is usually more of an accident, rather than educated guesswork (although there's some of that). Most of all, it lacks any sort of story arc; the game plays the same from the very beginning to the end and then it stops; then you count points. Some sort of mechanism that required an increasing minimum route length as the game progressed would be slightly more interesting. And of course, the luck of the routes is a big factor, although variants on the web are designed to solve that problem.

So let's say it's 85% of the game we want at 30% of the complexity, which is a good tradeoff. SoC is 70% of the complexity for 95% of the game. I don't think TrR will replace SoC as our introductory game of choice, but it is a strong candidate for being one of the first ones out.

Anyway, Zeke cleaned up in our first game with 115 points. I was the next closest at 88 points.

Saturday Tal brought over some friends. They played TtR again; I forget who won. After dinner we played 4-player Settlers which played ok, although one of them was more interested in the LotR:tConfrontation game I played simultaneously with Saarya. In the Settlers game, there was a lot of giggling, and one of the girls didn't really try, buying only Devel cards whenever she could. I knocked out four cities and a Longest Road.

Meanwhile, Saarya took white in LotR. This was his second game. The first time he beat me playing black. This time he beat me playing white. I must be getting old. Somehow our pieces just kept trading off until we each had three left. Unfortunately mine were not able to get to the Shire or intercept Frodo before he could waltz in.

Lastly I introduced Saarya to Maharaja, and also tried it as a 2 player game. It played pretty well, actually. We played with the variation that each player kept picking roles whenever they chose role swap until we both had three, and thereafter we traded roles. So we each had three roles from the second round onwards. We also played that the role owner had +1 in the corresponding city.

I really like the game; I like it as much as I like El Grande, and there sure are a lot of similar mechanics between the two. However, the one thing that bothers me about Maharaja is the victory conditions. Aside from the fact that the rich kind of get richer, somewhere around midgame one person gets out a palace one round earlier than the other person and that kind of wraps it up as long as he can keep doing so each round thereafter.

Which only matters because the winner is the first person with seven palaces. Two of my game group members complained about the same thing during game night and I dismissed them, but I now kind of agree with them. As a general rule in games, the mechanism for gaining resources should not be the same mechanism for victory points, unless there is a clear means of ganging up on the leader or otherwise making up for a deficiency. Settlers has the robber and trading, Power Grid has the turn order. Maharaja has the blind actions, but it's not quite enough.

In any case, it doesn't prevent me from enjoying the game; I may just have to think if there is anything I can do that would make it slightly more to our taste in victory conditions.

After shabbat I reviewed my player's character sheets and answered an email from a new potential player. The next two days are semi-vacation.