Thursday, February 16, 2006

Some old postings of mine from Usenet


An acronym dictionary

Quick code to add callbacks into Net::FTP in perl.

A post of mine in 1994 questioning the sanity of propagating virus alerts via Internet. I was one of the first to catch this problem. It was related to the very first virus alert hoax, Good times.


CE Superpowers

My early attempt at fun Magic comboes: Stormbind/Whiteout

I actually commented on the entire Stronghold expansion

I get persnickety after Hasbro announces it is taking over Wizards of the Coast.

My first attempt at a completely new game posted. Not a good game, since there is a forced stalemate.

3e D&D Elementalists and here. And additional elements, too.

How to succeed using cursed items


RAP UP 1: where I attempt to provide a weekly wrap up on poems I found interesting on rec.arts.poetry. I stopped after four postings due to complaints about copyrights.

My Microwave poem

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