Wednesday, February 01, 2006

San Juan with the Wife

I wasn't bored of Puerto Rico, but I was bored of setting it up, so I convinced Rachel to play San Juan for a change.

She had both City Hall and Guild Hall, but her buildings didn't have any of the synergy that mine had. I had no opening production, so I started with Carpenter, then Silver, Quarry, monuments, City Hall, and Chapel. I didn't realize you could win like that with less big buildings (I knew you could win with less big buildings, but not by ten points).

Game night tonight. My group wanted to play RPG, so I prepared a system based on Children of Fire and a simple d6 skill/combat system, but they weren't ready for such wierdness. They want to play straight D&D; I refuse to play 3e, so it will be 1e AD&D. But I'm not ready for that, yet, so in a few weeks.

In the meantime, we may play Magic and some other games.

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