Monday, February 06, 2006

Starting off the D&D campaign: the Rules

As sent to my players:

OK, I think we will be using 2e rules, basically. I would prefer to
use my own system (link to it on my blog), but maybe some other time.

However, I will be cutting a lot of the rules out of the system, some
of them because I don't like them, and some of them due to the nature
of the campaign you will be playing.

Here are the basic changes:


You are all starting at 1st level with exactly 1 experience point.

All players have stats as follows: 18, 16, 14, 13, 12, 10. You may
arrange these stats however you like. There will be no changes to
these stats, period. However, if you prefer to roll for stats, you may
roll in front of me sometime during the next two weeks at the club.
The rolling method will be: 5d6, drop the lowest two dice. Roll six
times, arrange as you like. If you choose to roll, you cannot use the
default numbers. If you don't like the results, try to remember that
this is a ROLEplaying game, not a ROLLplaying game, and the fun you
derive from the game is not how often you succeed in your rolls.

Racial changes can apply to your stats, but no stat can be raised
higher than 18, period. That includes fighter strength. I am not
playing with percentile Strength. 18 is the limit.

All limitations in the stats apply. Non-fighters do not get Con bonus
higher than +2. I will be checking your carrying capacity. You have to
record your languages, allowable number of spells, and so forth.
Charisma will only be used for reaction rolls. If your party meets a
group of people, your reaction roll will be based on the median
Charisma score of your party.

I will not be playing with alignments or any alignment oriented
abilities or spells.

However, do consider the personality of your character. I expect
characters full of personality. DO NOT bother with any other character
background or equipment. These will be supplied.

I am playing with proficiencies and weapon specialization. Non-combat
proficiencies are also required. I suggest you align them to what may
be a grand wilderness adventure in a land with plenty of political
intrigue (circa 13th century equivalent in technology). Please don't
try to use any science or other anachronistic solutions to various


All magic users can cast Detect Magic and Read Magic at will. There
are no spell components. Spellbooks will be required when appropriate,
however. Information about how to copy spells and use spellbooks and
so on will be given during the adventure.

All spells have a casting length of one round, unless they specify
that they take more than one round to cast. Spell area of effect is
approximate and may vary from time to time. You cannot sculpt a spell,
not only because the power of a spell varies, but because people move
around. Just tell me approximately where you are centering it.

Ask me about illusions if you plan on using them. As a note,
Phantasmal Force cannot create the illusion of sound, smell, or heat,
and therefore will not work very well for creatures, fires, or
virtually anything else that moves unless it appears to be in the


Clerics gain the ability to swap out spells for a heal spell, like 3e.
You do not have to specify a religion for your character.


Rounds are an indeterminate length that is not specified, but the
usual sorts of things can be accomplished: an attack, a spell, some
movement, retrieving an item from your backpack, and so on.

- All players inform me what they intend to do during the round.

- Spellcasters begin casting spells.

- Your party rolls for initiative vs your opponents.

- Non-spellcasters on either side do what they said. Players with
shorter actions or weapon speeds of 4 or less always go first. Players
with weapon speeds of 8 or more always go last.

- Spells go off.


Will be awarded for encounters (fought or unfought), traps, puzzles,
unusual treasures, and general situation management. Individuals may
gain more xp than others. Expect about 400 xp/night under normal

More when I think about it.


P.S. I welcome any suggestions on things to avoid/change in 2E, such as broken spells or items.

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