Sunday, February 05, 2006

As Long As We're Linking 6

For more information, see As Long As We're Linking 5.

More RSS'able game sites that have come to my attention:

A Fistful of Games: Paul Tevis, Santa Barbara, Ca. A companion site to Have Games, Will Travel.

Blogging the Game of Life...: Doug Garret, Mountain View, CA. A blog and a podcast, also known as Garret's Games & Geekiness.

CubeZen: Somebody or something named "Pol". Definitely finding his wings.

Front Row Crew: Beacon, NY. An established podcast from GeekNights about games that has been talking about board games, too, recently.

The Game Table: This is the not ekted's The Game Table, but a new syndicated column by Ward Batty, Atlanta, GA, intended for mainstream media.

Games Gist: another by Gerald McDaniel, aka GamesGrandpa. I think this is meant to supplement his personal game blog, Time Capsule and literary blog, Word Sketches. Considering he expressed skepticism about maintaining even one blog, I'm curious to see which of these blogs continues.

gamethoughts: Danny Webb, KY. I think. Board, card, and video games.

In The Light: Sam Healey, a friend of Tom and Joe's from Korea. Beginning to do some game reviews in order to lighten Tom's load.

Jim Ginn: Indiana. Games of all types.

JoG (James on Games): Washington DC. Board games.

Journal of Boardgame Design: Jonathan Degann, LA, CA. Intends to continue a series of board game articles that he started on The Games Journal.

While we're at it, Coldfoot updated his game links on Board Game Geek, here.


Update: Oh heck, I may as well add Westpark Gamers. It's primarily German, but they are now doing content and podcasting for English speakers. Moritz Eggert and Aaron Haag were inspired after doing pronunciation for the Dice Tower.


gamesgrandpa said...

Yehuda -- You are right about the multiple blogs. I decided to compartmentalize into those topics, for the time being. I will seldom add anything to Word Sketches, but probably will alternate between Time Capsule (general items) and Games Gist (games-related). I view them as a single blog, so writing in any one of them counts as an update to my way of thinking. Still, I doubt I'll have something new every day or two in any category.

I continue to enjoy your blog and your articles in Gone Gaming. Keep up the great work. And thanks for mentioning my effort.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

GG: I would be happy to read all of your material on one blog. It might also be easier to maintain and easier to update.