Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What defines you?

So I'm thinking: People seem to invest a lot of energy in defining themselves as board game players and NOT RPG players or CCG players. Is it just that they've tried a bunch of RPGs and don't like them, or no longer like them? Or is there something about "that activity" from which they have to distance themselves?

Now that I will probably be posting RPG stuff mixed in with my usual board game stuff, is that going to frighten some people? Will I get the proverbial "Judas!" shouted at me for bringing out my electric RPG manuals?

I'm sure the answer is no for 99% of you. But there are definitely people who need to make that stand. "I DON'T play war games!" "I DON'T play Eurogames!" "CCG players are smelly!" "RPG players are crazy!" "People who still play Monopoly are children!"

Frankly, my dear, I just don't get it. I don't understand why a game isn't just a game. I like some of these, I don't like some of those. I don't like most war games, but usually I would like to know something about the game before I dismiss it; I do like some of them.

What does it mean for something to define you? Which of the following defines you?

1 Being human.

2 My sex.

3 My religion, or lack thereof.

4 My attached (marital) status.

5 My residential status.

6 Who I work for, or where I learn.

7 My occupation.

8 My work.

9 My self-motivation and organization (type), or lack thereof.

10 The groups I belong to.

11 My talents or failings.

12 My accessories and purchases.

13 What I appreciate in the world.

14 My political views.

15 My emotional fears and loves.

16 My age.

17 My taste in art, culture, and literature.

18 My taste in games or other recreational activities.


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