Friday, February 03, 2006

First of my old rulesystems

I was going through my old rulesystems ... I really like some of them. This is not totally surprising, in that I made them, so naturally they fit the idea of what I want. Yet it is, because usually you look back on things and wonder how you could have made such junk.

Anyway, I never actually played the one in the provided link. Everything is ability and skill based, no classes, and a freeform magic system.

If anyone out there knows anything about RPG systems, I would love to hear about how it sucks and all the holes and problems with it before I seriously take it out and try to use it.


P.S. I taught LotR:tC to Saarya who was over for a few hours. I played white and lost, after he picked off Sam, maneuvered a piece to Frodo's side (so Frodo couldn't retreat) and then hit him with the Flying Nazgul. It was close. I played my last card on Frodo, which was a 5, but he still had a 3.

The game is growing on me, more and more. Yet more proof that a) playing a game once or twice is not enough to give an evaluation, and b) playing new games all the time is a bad idea, because you don't really experience the game properly.

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