Wednesday, February 22, 2006

As Long As We're Linking 7

See As Long As We're Linking 6 for more details.

Note that several of the sites in previous ALAWL lists have been, or are in danger of being, removed from my blogroll, as they haven't updated their site in way too long. Also, some of the sites I add are new sites that pop up for one or two posts and then disappear. Get with the program, people.

Also, if you change your feed URL, please notify people on the old feed URL (Critical Gamers, this means you).

In addition to the sites I list here, there are other sites: sites that don't update, sites that have board game content very infrequently and provide no way to RSS by category, promotional sites (blogs containing no information other than new games received in the store), and many sites that deal primarily with war games, classic board games (chess, poker, backgammon, go, and so on), other games, and so forth.

Here's the new sites: Community: Session Reports by various people on the BoardgameCafe site. They have a blog feed, too, but no bloggers.

The Games Journal: Greg's posting some article odds and ends as he receives them on The Games Journal site. May be very infrequent.

Have Games Will Travel: I listed the blog by Paul last time, but neglected to add the feed for his game podcast.

Karl CA Wilde: Blackpool, UK. Session reports. Suggest that you set your feed for articles from the board game category only.

Meeple Monologues: Gone Gaming's own sodaklady from South Dakota.

Petworth Game Night: Brian, Washington D.C. A little sparse, but still hoping.

Truth & Strategy: Lance Roberts, Fairbanks, Alaska. From Coldfoot's hometown.


Update: Added 'Peg City Gamers, a blog by Ryan Walberg and others in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


Unknown said...

I have a blog which other gamers from Winnipeg should be posting to any time now (hint, hint).

dave said...

Not that I was updating it much before, but I have pretty much moved all boardgaming content from Death Metal Cafe to Gathering of Engineers. Increases in home and work duties means that non-gaming blogging will be a rarity.