Monday, June 04, 2007

As Long As We're Linking 22

As usual, this is my new list of worthy, or potentially worthy, new game blog feeds since the last list, which may be found on my sidebar.

Adelaide Gamer: Pleader, Australia.

All Board Gamers Everywhere: Another Livejournal community for board games.

Average Dave: David Ramsey, Hertfordshire, UK

Board Game Night(s) in Calgary: A game group in Calgary, Canada. Session reports and variants.

Boardgamewiki news: A new board game wiki that also has feeds. Started off slowly and seems to have stalled. Jason Breti, Alberta, Canada.

Classic Kid's Games and Party Games: Allen Mincus. No further info. Mostly kids and kinetic party games.

Digitally Disillusioned: Edward J. Pollard, Alberta, Canada.

IronWill Games: Will Knight, Mississippi. Aspiring game designer.

Meeples and Miniatures: Neil Shuck, Leicester, UK. A podcast and a webpage about war and Eurogames.

Miles of nothing Robin, Kentucky. Board game and other posts.

P4Wn3D: Ryan Walberg and Joe Belanger. Don't know why they started a new blog, yet.

Pitstop Board Games Cafe: Singapore gaming cafe, including forums and web site.

Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes: Kevin Jurcik, Ontario, Canada.

The Wandering Settler: Creech Sonic, Singapore.

wood for sheep: Laura Henry, Oakland, CA.

I also dropped another bucket full of blogs. Look at my blogroll if you want to know which. If you don't see yourself, send me a line.


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