Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Guide to the Secret Wordpress options.php Sub Panel

On your Wordpress 2.1 admin screen, there is an additional sub panel of options other than the ones you can get to from the admin menus: options.php, otherwise known as All Options.

This sub panel is not documented elsewhere, as far as I know. The list of available options depends on the plugins you have installed, so you may see other options than the ones listed here.

When relevant, I point you to the equivalent field on the corresponding visible Options sub panel.

active_pluginsRead Only
admin_emailGeneral → E-mail address
advanced_editEnable (1) or disable (0) VRE editor
akismet_discard_monthAkismet Configuration → Automatically discard spam comments on posts older than a month (true, false)
archive_modemonthly or daily archives
blacklist_keysDiscussion → Comment Blacklist
blogdescriptionGeneral → Tagline
blognameGeneral → Weblog title
blog_charsetReading → Encoding for pages and feeds
blog_publicPrivacy → Blog visibility (1 everyone, 0 no search engines)
category_baseWriting → Default post category
comments_notifyDiscussion → E-mail me whenever anyone posts a comment (0, 1)
comment_max_linksDiscussion → Comment Moderation → Hold a comment on the queue if it contains this many or more links
comment_moderationDiscussion → Before a comment appears an administrator must always approve the comment (0, 1)
comment_registrationGeneral → Users must be registered (0, 1)
comment_whitelistDiscussion → Before a comment appears comment author must have a previously approved comment (0, 1)
cronRead Only
date_formatGeneral → Default date format
db_versionYour database version. Probably best not to touch.
default_categoryWriting → Default post category
default_comment_statusDiscussion → Allow people to post comments on the article (open, closed)
default_email_categoryWriting → Default mail category
default_link_categoryWriting → Default bookmark category
default_pingback_flagDiscussion → Attempt to notify any Weblogs linked to from the article (0, 1)
default_ping_statusDiscussion → Allow link notifications from other Weblogs (open, closed)
default_post_edit_rowsWriting → Size of the post box
default_roleGeneral → New user default role
doing_cronProbably should be Read Only
gmt_offsetGeneral → Times in the weblog should differ by
gzipcompressionReading → Wordpress should compress articles
hack_fileMiscellaneous → Use legacy my-hacks.php file support (0, 1)
homeGeneral → Blog address
html_typeThe content type for the posts
links_recently_updated_appendThe emphasis HTML tag to append to a recently updated link in the blogroll
links_recently_updated_prependThe emphasis HTML tag to prepend to a recently updated link in the blogroll
links_recently_updated_timeThe definition of recent for emphasizing new links in the blogroll - time in minutes
links_updated_date_formatThe date format for the updated tooltip for blogroll links
mailserver_loginWriting → Login name
mailserver_passWriting → Password
mailserver_portWriting → Port
mailserver_urlWriting → Mail server
moderation_keysDiscussion → Comment Moderation → Hold a comment on the queue if it contains any of these words
moderation_notifyDiscussion → E-mail me whenever a comment is held for moderation (0, 1)
page_for_postsReading → Posts Page
page_on_frontReading → Front Page
page_urisRead Only
permalink_structurePermalinks [all options]
ping_sitesWriting → Update Services
posts_per_pageReading → Blog pages show at most
posts_per_rssReading → Syndication feeds show the most recent
recently_editedRead Only
require_name_emailDiscussion → Before a comment appears comment author must fill out name and e-mail (0, 1)
rewrite_rulesRead Only
rss_excerpt_lengthThe length for rss summaries (lines? characters? words?)
rss_languageThe language for encoding rss feeds
rss_use_excerptReading → Syndication feeds for each article, show
secretI have no idea, but this field is editable and plain text. Must black hat wizardry here, I suspect.
show_on_frontReading → Front page displays (posts, page)
siteurlGeneral → Wordpress address
start_of_weekGeneral → Weeks in the calendar should start on
stylesheetdefault indicates the default stylesheet.
templatedefault indicates the default template.
time_differenceHours off from time zone of server
time_formatGeneral → Default time format
uploads_use_yearmonth_foldersMiscellaneous → Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders (0, 1)
upload_pathMiscellaneous → Store uploads in this folder
users_can_registerGeneral → Anyone can register
use_balanceTagsWriting → WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically
use_linksupdateMiscellaneous → Track Bookmarks’ Update Times (0, 1)
use_smiliesWriting → Convert emoticons
use_trackbackWhether to allow and send trackbacks (0, 1)
what_to_showMaximum number to display refers to posts or days
wordpress_api_keyFor Akismet
wp_user_rolesRead Only

After some scrounging around, I found some additional information about WP 1.0.2 options here.


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