Thursday, June 28, 2007

Welcome to London, Eventually

The title is the exact quote from my pilot when we finally landed in Heathrow, more than 3 hours late. Plane scheduled to leave Glasgow at 12:45. Landed in Heathrow 4:45. Out of luggage at 5:30.

First they had an extra bag, then they miscounted the bags.Then they had an extra bag again. Then there was a gad leak at Heathrow and we landed at Stansted. Then they didn't know what to do. Then they refueled and we went back to Heathrow. And, of course, the luggage took its time.

My daughter flew for the first time, alone, from Israel. While she wasn't hysterical, she wasn't happy, either. Immigration refused to let her out until I arrived because she was too young to be let go, except to a parent. She's 14 years old.


Mistiming also killed all our plans for that day. The B&B I booked at wouldn't take credit cards (at all, not just mine), but luckily the one across the street did, and it was a kosher one, too. Not exactly a posh place, but I'm thankful nonetheless.

Today was sunnya dn better all around. Lots of walking and barging on the banks, changing of the guard, galleries, and so on. Now we're off to see Stomp.


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