Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Scrabble With Mom

My new job takes me to Beit Shemesh every day (for the moment), and since I get off at 1:00, I have been popping over to my parents house to check up on them.

I also asked my mother to play a game of Scrabble with me. In truth, I was kind of wondering how my Mom's game abilities were holding up now that she was nearing 70.

I needn't have worried. While I certainly knew more "Scrabble" words, being an active player, she is still a good player. Unfortunately for her, I picked every S and at least half of the other rich tiles, which allowed me to score two big words. Aside from those two, we were about even.

I'm glad. My father is doing his new course of chemotherapy. It's not giving him many ill effects like similar past treatments have, but then it's also not got much chance of success. Nevertheless, he is upbeat and happy, which is nice to see.

I had my parents pick up a copy of Blokus for me that someone was selling for $10. I also borrowed their old game Crossword Dominoes, curious to remember what it was about.

Game News

Poor Sydney got left off the final game board of the new Australian Monopoly. Boo Hoo. You can hear an interview with Monopoly's Marketing Manager about the new edition here.

Local Discovery Channel stores are shutting down. These games may be available at the stores at greatly reduced prices.

Perplex City also suddenly decided to shutter its follow up game until further notice.

Master of Maya is a new cellphone fantasy-themed trading card game.

Hasbro is trying to turn more of its board games into movies. Meanwhile, Brash Entertainment is trying to turn more movies into video games. Meanwhile, Fantasy Flight Games is trying to turn more video games into board games.


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