Monday, June 04, 2007

My Game Seems to be Doing OK *cough*

From Creation and Play:
We set up, and within minutes (before the convention officially opened) we had a bunch of players for It's Alive! The table was never empty after that - there were usually people queuing to play. It seemed to be going really well, I started to sell a few copies. Plus a Border Reivers or two. Then it went insane. There was an hour or two when I was struggling to sort out sales, I had a queue of receipts to write. Border Reivers sold out (the last copy was nearly fought for!), It's Alive! sold out. It just kept coming. We got rid of the last of our stock at 1:30pm on Saturday! Three and a half hours in. All we could do for the rest of the convention was demo the game and take orders (over twenty). An online game story pre-order twelve copies for stock. There was interest from the UK's largest games distributor. A publisher was interested in Border Reivers. It was a fantastic weekend...

Near the end of Sunday we heard a rumour that It's Alive! and Fagin's Gang were very close for the UK Game of the Year award, and we just missed out! We're awaiting official confirmation of that...
Order It's Alive here.


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Pawnstar said...

I ordered it on Sunday; I'm looking forward to it after following its stages development here on your blog.

I like the theme a lot, it fits quite well; and the Reivers' presentation was fabulous - mad scientists in white coats. How could I resist? It's just a shame I couldn't find the time to have a go.