Tuesday, June 19, 2007


We're staying in the Perthshire area (-shire means area, or something), near Pitlochry, near Kinloch Rannoch, at Lassintulich farms. And yes, I spelled all of these wrong, but I'm in an Internet cafe and so can't look these up.

Yesterday we hit Blair castle, Hercules garden, and the shopping area outside of it (eh - skip 'em), and Pitlochry (grocery shopping). Aside from the obvious stuff, we are basically assuming that anything vegan is also kosher (if it doesn't have grapes), although this may be a naive assumption.

Today we went hiking around Carie and Kinloch Rannoch. All beautiful, but amazingly enough, the walks were tamer than those you do in Israel.

Many pictures coming one day.

Until then,


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