Wednesday, June 06, 2007

May Gaming at the JSGC

The following lists games played and reactions at the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club in May. It doesn't include my own gaming outside the club.

Arimaa - Many fans of abstracts like this game, which is designed to be hard for computers to play. I find it a bit tedious, like Abalone.

Bridge - Generally loved by the deeper gamers. My lack of proficiency due to rustiness is grating on me, however.

Caylus - I find this dull, but not insufferable (If I have something else to do). Others very much enjoy it, however, owing at least partially due to there being no "luck".

Children of Fire: the Board Game - A rough game, with a few rough edges, it's still fairly enjoyable. I believe it requires a 10 or 12 round limit.

Cosmic Encounter - A classic, but can be overplayed. Elijah wants to play every week.

For Sale - A good intro game, even if there's not too much to the game itself.

Hearts - Team Hearts is a good partnership game, although nothing spectacular.

Lo Ra - Nadine's Jewish themed version of Ra, it plays essentially the same. A bit dry, but a nice medium game.

Lord of the Rings: the Confrontation - Much better than it has a right to be, a very light themed war game for two player that plays in ten minutes. Tense and fun.

Lost Cities x 2 - Very popular in other groups, we find this incredibly banal.

Mau - I can't stand this silly induction game, but Adam and the younger players love it.

Netrunner - I love this. Of the other two players, David is frustrated with the luck of pulling cards blindly, while Binyamin enjoys it like I do.

Railroad Tycoon - Another big rough mess of a game, at its core it has very good game play, and I love train games.

Power Grid - The most requested game of the moment. Some of our players take a bit too much time calculating, so I get bored at the beginning and end of the game.

Puerto Rico x 3 - The game. Period.

San Juan x 2 - An easy filler, suffers mainly by comparison to its older brother. Desperately needs an expansion. I wish they sold blank cards for this.

Settlers of Catan - A classic introductory game, and still a lot of fun, although I play it on automatic.

The Menorah Game - An excellent medium game, if I do say so myself.

Tichu x 2 - Bridge-lite. Not really, but this is what the less cerebral prefer to play when the others play Bridge.

Tikal - Not played enough for my tastes, a lovely area control game with beautiful bits.

Yinsh - A simple and fun abstract game for two players.


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