Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back in Glasgow

Scotland is a country that, in the summer, gets light during the night, and dark during the day.

I slept through a lot of Skye, but it was a lovely place. The area I stayed in was windswept with heather and flowers, and overlooked the Atlantic.

This morning we went out to see the westernmost point of Skye, a lighthouse. Below, on the rocky shore, there were numerous piles of rocks heaped upon each other in a deliberate fashion. I'm talking small rocks, obviously set up recently and to some purpose; small towers and bridges of rocks that probably need to be reset after each windstorm. Hundreds of them. I have no idea who did this or why.

I also snapped a shot of an amazing blue jellyfish on a rock at the Coral beach, about a foot wide, translucent, and pretty thick. As usual, to be uploded later.

Rachel continues on Skye for another day or two, crosses Scotland to Aberdeen, then down to Edinbugh and back to Glasgow, returning to Israel on Sunday.

Tomorrow, I fly down to Heathrow to meet Tal coming in from Israel. We're set up in B&Bs in Golders Green until Sat night, and in York until Wed. Hopefully, the entire country won't be flooded during our trip. Apparently it's been the wettest June ever, and widesprerad flooding has occurred.

I don't know if I'll get any gaming in in London, but I certainly will in York.

Respond or email if you want to meetup.


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Fellonmyhead said...

I hope you get up to York alright; it's looking very bleak towards that area at the moment.

The forecast isn't looking too favourable either; I hope it all goes your way.