Friday, June 15, 2007

Momentum Remundanity

Momentum Remundanity: The let down feeling you get when stepping off a moving walkway and begin moving at less than superhuman speed again.


Everything was fine until we landed. The plane then spent 35 minutes sitting on the tarmac - and I kid you not - looking for a parking space.

Another half an hour to walk through the airport to get to passport control (do you get frequent flier miles for distance travelled in the airport?)

Another quarter hour to get the suitcases.

Then an hour and fifteen for the cab to leave the airport parking lot and cross town to Streatham.

Along the way, we passed wholly uninteresting places. What we saw of London so far, at night, driving along one side, has quaint houses and some antique cars. But the entirety reminded me of Queens. I hope to see some nicer parts tomorrow.

Everything Right is Left

While just about everything I passed looked familiar, the car with the steering wheel on the right was jarring, as I expected it to be. I hope I can swing driving one once we get our rental car.

This computer in our friend's apartment displays the same old operating system you can find on any computer around the world (like a McDonalds), but the keyboard is funny: The " and the @ are in the wrong place, and there's a £ key where the # key should be.

Meetup in London Today (Friday)?

I have no plans tomorrow, still, so if anyone wants to meetup and go walking around central London with me, drop me an email by tomorrow morning.


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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you landed safely. Have a great trip. Imma