Monday, September 24, 2007

10 Frugal Tips for the Kitchen / Game News

These are very basic ideas. I'm interested in hearing what things you do in the kitchen to save money. Add a comment.

1. Ends of bread loaves are never wasted. I either a) make bread crumbs with seasoning, b) make croûtons with oil and seasoning, toasted at a low heat, or c) make French toast.

2. I use all parts of my lemons: the juice when called for, and the grated peel for cakes and salad dressing.

3. Speaking of which, I (usually) make my own salad dressing: oil, vinegar, seasonings such as oregano, basil, paprika, or hyssop, lemon peel, and garlic.

4. We drink only two things, other than coffee. Iced tea I make daily from two teabags and 2.5 tablespoons sugar. Makes two liters and even flavored infusions are cheaper and healthier than soft drinks. Or we drink water.

5. Chicken backs are made into chicken soup stock. Vegetable scraps are frozen and, when mass is achieved, made into vegetable soup stock.

6. I make pancakes from scratch. It's just as quick as mix.

7. Lots of great soups can be started with a few beans. Cook a pot of dried beans for 5 minutes, let cool, toss out the water, and freeze them. Toss handfuls into soups to start them. Having these around inspires me to make more soups from scratch.

8. I reuse my jars and containers for shelf and refrigerator storage. When I have too many, I recycle.

9. I buy dry items such as rice in bulk.

10. A single steak can make a stir fry for three people, and it always comes out good. Stir fries in general are cheap, voluminous, and tasty.

11. Ground meat goes furthest when stuffed into something such as peppers. And you can mix the meat with egg and bread crumbs first, as well as rice.

12. A complete frugal meal: lentil soup.

Game News

I saw in a couple of BGG posts news of the World Mind Sports games which will take place in China next year. According to this PDF information sheet, the number of players associated with Bridge, Chess, Checkers, and Go organizations numbers 500 million. Expand that to players not associated with organizations, and expand that to all board games, and I feel confident that the number of people who play board games is well over a billion people, probably over two billion. Just a guess, of course. Still, how would that compare to the number who play video games?

Big news: too much online gaming might wreck your GPA and social life.

The BBC does a little analysis about whether video game style can be traced to its location of origin.

Want to blog about video games? Someone's hiring.

Quirkat is a new player in the online video games market serving the Arab and Middle East community. The interview with the CEO is enlightening and promises some interesting strategy games.

A new dance takes its inspiration from the 5000 year old game of Ur.

Man in NJ sentenced to 13 years for killing his friend over a card game.

A gaming company called "Harbro" is soliciting ideas for card games. The potential worth of these games will be evaluated using the owner's "proprietary Merwyn Research system, a computer program that rates ideas on their probability of success."

As long as we're talking about contests, the Israeli consulate is running a contest for a video selling Israel. The winning video will be shown at Madison Square Garden during an upcoming NY Knicks - Maccabi Tel Aviv exhibition basketball game.


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