Wednesday, September 05, 2007

August Board and Card Game Patents

Gosh, another month gone by already?

Casino flop poker - Uh, near as I could tell, this is simply a normal game of poker played against the house and other players simultaneously. Or maybe also something to do with the patterns on the cloth table surface.

Auto racing board game - A roll and move NASCAR racing game with an extra die that either doubles your movement or lets you change lanes.

Playing card shuffler with differential hand count capability - Almost self-explanatory. Can be programmed to deal a certain number of cards each turn.

Electronically-scored game providing audible feedback and method of use - A buzzer for a game. You heard me. A little further examination reveals that this is supposed to be an improved buzzer for a game, specifically a dart game or some other barroom type game.

Card game and methods of play - Some sort of CCG which requires cards of types warriors, techniques, powers and fields. And also comes in a "battle binder".

Card game with moving cards - A video poker game where you have to select a good poker hand from cards that move around.

Variable point generation craps game - Dice, cards, and lottery balls all combine to make an extremely chaotic version of Craps.

Method of playing a dice game - A reissue of a patent for a simple gambling dice game.

Board game - A design patent for Paradice.

Dice game - Looks like you roll three to five dice, and that's it. The bulk of the description goes into details about how the payout is calculated.

Catastraphe - Sorry!, for up to 8 players.

Galactic board game method and apparatus - Cool. A board game with magnetic pieces, where the object is to move your piece closest to the middle without attaching to the center piece or opponent's pieces. Appears to have been invented by a Chiropractor.

Advanced games and puzzles - Some kind of board game and puzzles with polyominoes, which I didn't grasp.

Coming up next month: Khet: The Laser Game aka Deflextion finally receives its patent.


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