Thursday, September 06, 2007

Session Report Up, in which we have a first play for Mississippi Queen

The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up. Games played: Mississippi Queen, Lost Valley, Power Grid, Bridge.

First play and reactions for Mississippi Queen.

I noted a news article a day or two ago about a fight over a board game, where the newspaper didn't say which game. Turns out to have been Checkers, according to this other article. You can all get some sleep, now.

The latest Games Carnival is up at Play 2 Relax.

Stonehenge grants a public license allowing people to create games using their pieces together with Icehouse or Piecepack pieces, as the latter are considered sufficiently public. See this forum discussion for details.

Lots of people are talking about Knizia's new deal for designing and licensing games for the XBox.

Someone in Brazil has repopularized the world's oldest board game, Senet, by adapting it for children. (Yeah, Senet is even older than Go or Mancala.)

There was a physical puzzle version of Tetris, once upon a time.

The Cleveland Leader has a submission indicating that the U.S. might eventually tax, instead of ban, online poker.

Gamespy has a long interview with Magic Pro Tour player-turned Wizards of the Coast Brand Manager Worth Wollpert about Magic: the Gathering online.


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