Monday, September 10, 2007

Speaking of ...

Speaking of things that are lost and returned, the board game club of Brandeis University, Game On, lost a number of their most prized board games only to find that they had been borrowed, not stolen. They have since been returned. So reports the Brandeis Hoot.

Their most prized games include Jenga, Monopoly, Apples to Apples and Taboo. Somebody at Brandeis please go give the board game club a kick in the pants.

Speaking of board games, here's a job opp for fantasy illustrator for a board game.

Speaking of Mattel's endless toy recalls, here's good business for locally made and eco-friendly games. A good marketing strategy.

Speaking of strategies, John Dextraze wrote to me about this Geeklist on winning player-type strategies. E.g. "whining", "complaining", ...

Speaking of being contacted, Tim Fowers points me to his new gaming Web 2.0 tabletop, still in beta, Tabletop Network. The idea is to provide a collaborative tabletop which allows you to manipulate boards, cards, dice, and pieces.

Also speaking of being contacted, Maureen Carruthers writes me that the gamer matching and meetup service Spielerz now works internationally.

Speaking of meetups, here is Tzedek's wrapup of my interfaith blogger meeting. Tzedek was one of the other Israeli bloggers.

Speaking of interfaith, here's a new interfaith trivia board game, 7th Heaven.


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