Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's Reprint Season

More announcements regarding the Cosmic Encounter reprint:
The release is scheduled for summer of 2008 ... The new board game will include some aliens from Cosmic Online which have never been in any printed version. Every effort will be made to also include aliens and other game ideas submitted by players according to Olotka. Fans can add their ideas and wishes for the new Cosmic to the Cosmic Encounter Online forum thread Fantasy Flight Cosmic Board Game Wish List at http://forum.cosmicencounter.com/.
And Critical Gamers talks about Settlers of Catan's new editions, which includes new art for the three major games and 5-6 player expansions. Mayfair games is also working on reprinting revised editions of Age of Steam and Tigris and Euphrates.

Reprints are also underway from Rio Grande Games for El Caballero and La Citta, Valley Games for a whole host of games including Titan, and new versions of Can't Stop, Chinatown, Borderlands, and other games are underway.

Too bad they don't offer upgrade versions or patches.


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