Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Star Wars: Revelations

Star Wars: Revelations

It seems I'm slow on the uptake for this one. This came out two years ago.

This is a short fan film (40 minutes) based on the Star Wars universe that fits between episodes 3 and 4. Like I felt when watching the Ryan vs Dorkman shorts, I'm astounded at the content creation capability that lies in the hands of amateurs. All that seems to be required is some technological talent, a lot of good will, some fanaticism, and modest funding. Who needs studios, anyway?

As for the film itself, the acting wasn't particularly good (of course, neither was the acting in SW III). I blame the actors in this case, more than the director; I think he got the best out of them that he could. And the lighting was pretty bad, at least on my screen.

Otherwise, it was enjoyable, well written and directed, nicely produced, and well effected.


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