Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The History of It's Alive!

A fascinating read from Jackson Pope of Reiver Games about how he took my game submission and eventually produced It's Alive! Go read it!

The Journal Gazette manages to get everything right about board games, and everything wrong about which ones.

Don't try to import Yogi playing cards into the U.A.E., as these are being confiscated for presenting images contrary to Islamic teaching. What the heck are Yogi playing cards?

And another killing over a card game, this time because the game group started playing before the guy arrived.



Simon J said...

What the heck are Yogi playing cards?

The game revolves around fighting beasts, using magic, violence and killing, and players can use different weapons, such as fire, wind, hurricanes and swords, to gain control of their opponent.

My guess - somebody at the Market Control Section in Sharjah Municipality can't spell "Yu-Gi-Oh!".

Dani in NC said...

The article in the Journal Gazette DID mention one game I would like to have: Martinis and Men. I read the review on BGG and it seems perfect for my group of casual gamers.

Yehuda said...

Simon: I think you're right.