Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Internet Professionals in Jerusalem

Last night I went to the second informal meeting of "Internet Professionals in Jerusalem" at Hillel Cafe on Emek Refaim street.

Brian Blum of the blog This Normal Life sat down right next to me. Brian wasn't there in his capacity as a blogger but for a startup venture he will be launching sometime soon. Turns out that Brian's daughter and my daughter are also in the same class at school.

Another blogger was Raphi Salem of Website Strategy Marketing. Raphi's blog is purely a professional blog supporting his website business. The remaining twelve or so people were either website designers, hosters, or graphic artists.

The meeting had its obstacles. The acoustics and background noise made it difficult for 15 people to communicate, regardless of how we arranged the small square tables. A waiter tried to tell us that we weren't allowed to arrange the tables in our acoustically optimum square but had to arrange them in a straight line for some reason. We pretended to comply but then ignored him.

There was no real agenda, so we had to scrounge around for what to talk about. Eventually, Charlie Kalech of J-Town Productions and Raphi took leading roles in asking some guided questions. I left after an hour, a coke, and a tasty little chocolate cube thingy.

Game News

Russia Today notes the gradually increasing market for board games in Russia.

Patent Arcade brings up an old patent for the game of Bingoes, which is Bingo with two extra rows and columns.

In Vermont, a knife fight broke out over a board game, but as usual, they don't tell us which board game.


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