Sunday, September 02, 2007

Get Ingenious for PC for Free Today

You can get a free copy of Knizia's board game Ingenious for the PC today at . It sells for $18 on Amazon.

It needs to fetch an activation key from the site during setup, but otherwise doesn't appear to have any other catch. I didn't see any spyware or have to provide my email address to receive spam. You have to download, install, and start the game today. And if you need to reinstall it at some later time you're out of luck. If you buy it on Amazon, it can be reinstalled at any time and comes with support, too.

It's a well-done version of the game, although the cheering spectators sound effect gets old fast.

And it's a good way to try out the board game.


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Dani in NC said...

I've downloaded several games from the Giveaway of the Day site. Sometimes the games themselves are a little buggy, but I think that is the fault of the game creators. I've never had a problem with spyware or spam of any kind from the site.