Saturday, November 08, 2008

2 Player Agricola is as Good as Multi-player

I got in a game of Agricola with Nadine this afternoon. Works very well with two players.

The game felt nearly identical to the two four-player games I had played. The biggest difference was the severe lack of wood, which is needed for so many things, from building early houses to fences to many minor improvements.

I'm guessing that you're supposed to steal the first-player token in order to solve this problem. But nearly every time one of us wanted to do this, we had no minor improvement to play, which would have meant an entire action just to take the token. Which felt wrong.

Speaking of which, a slew of the cards that say they play for 1+ players looked like they should really have been marked for 3+ players only. I'm going to go through them and assess them and maybe make some corrections.

But otherwise, it was as good as the multi-player game. For what it's worth.

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