Saturday, November 29, 2008

Anagrams Still Pleases

Anagrams, the older but better word game that comes in a Scrabble box, is sometimes able to please my non-gaming guests on Friday night. Assuming they evidence any interest in a gaming activity at all.

I'm pretty good at the game, so in order not to make it frustrating for newer players, I pretend not to see certain words, especially the most obvious ones. The most obvious ones, because most of the time another player will find them within a few seconds.

Sometimes, though, I start the game doing this only to find that one or more of my opponents is actually just as good as I am, or nearly as good. Such was the case last night. One of my guests was nearly as good, and did some excellent anagramming. We ended the game fairly close in word counts. The other player wasn't quite so good, but neither did she have anything to be ashamed of, getting in a number of excellent anagrams that I didn't notice.

Which is one of the joys of Anagrams over Scrabble; clever words are still enjoyed. Not just high scoring plays.

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SuperRaizy said...

My son learned to play anagrams from his teacher a few months ago. It is now our favorite Friday night game. He almost always beats me though!