Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beyonce, A Woman of Few Specific Words

Beyonce's latest video, "Single Ladies" is a masterwork of choreography and presentation. It was already parodied on Saturday Night Live (starring Beyonce), and has spawned numerous copycat dancers on Youtube, including one especially good one by a young man, Shane Mercado, now making the viral video circuits.

But most interesting is that the video, like the video of her previous release from this new album ("If I Was a Boy"), is partially a commercial for Beyonce's new line of clothes products, Dereon. In the first video she simply wore them. In Single Ladies, she even sings about them.

Does Beyonce need to sell jeans? Is she intending to make more money from the music or from the clothing? (If she's paid enough, will she add lines about Coca Cola into her music?)

She has a gorgeous voice, and beautiful looks and moves. And a side income if her music doesn't sell. I think she should go all the way: give away CDs with every clothing purchase.

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