Friday, November 07, 2008

If It's 4 am, This Must Be The Desert

Friends of mine, whom I intend to get back at when they least expect it, held a dawn wedding overlooking the Dead Sea for their son this morning.

I got up at 4 am, coordinated various pickups, and got my butt up a 500 meter cliff some hour and a half away. I must add that these friends live on my street and have a perfectly lovely backyard. A large one.

It was the most wonderful experience you can have while freezing, tired, and crabby. Very beautiful. I would have shed tears of joy if my eyeballs hadn't been frozen shut.

The opening scene from Paradise Lost

Obviously delirious from the cold

Someone brought their dog

A camera flash from Jordan

Happy people at 6:00 am; go figure

Mazal Tov, guys. It really was lovely. I wasn't even crabby by the end of it.

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